Saturday, July 2, 2011

North Ponds Park -- Birds and Babies

I'm trying very hard to get my walking stamina up again.  So, I decided that, on this day,  I would simply go over to North Ponds Park, and do a little walking on their nice paved path.  I took my camera along, but I figured that I probably wouldn't use it.  After all, North Ponds is just a small, man-made area, carved out of unused land beside a busy expressway.
It was a beautiful day for a walk.  On the pond, Canada Geese floated peacefully.
Oh wait, they've seen me!
Got food lady?
No?  What good are you?  For this year's babies, these guys are awfully porky!  That's either Mom or Dad on the left, trying to keep track of the rowdy bunch.
Once I extricated myself from the gaggle of geese, I resumed my walk.  At the quiet end of the pond was another Mother and her bunch of babies.  These little Mallards were much more well behaved.
They were so cute paddling along behind Mom that I took a short video.
Mom brought them to shore, where they paid absolutely no attention to me.  Mom had her eye on me, though.
On I went, and was almost at the end of my walk, where the picnic pavilions are, when I got divebombed by an angry Swallow.  Where there's an angry, divebombing Swallow, there should be a nest, so I looked around, and, sure enough, there it was, right under the eves of the pavilion.
Mom flew away as I got closer, and I was able to get a picture of the babies.  They look quite big, and will, I suspect, be fledging soon.
Boy, was I glad that I brought my camera along after all!


Upupaepops said...

never leave home without a camera

the swallow babies are just a jot from flying

texwisgirl said...

those are all beautiful. the geese are incredibly trusting! love the mallard little ones and baby swallows are some of the prettiest avian kids around...

Janet said...

Loved the little video -sounds a wonderful peaceful spot !

Horsin' Around said...

You've been doing well with your walking. Very commendable! Nice to see the swallows. Their numbers have been plummeting and they are a species of concern.

Sharon said...

I like looking at the geese, don't like being surrounded by them though! The ducklings are sweet, and nice shot of the baby swallows! Yep, good thing you took your camera along!

Madi and Mom said...

Happy Saturday Louise.....yet another beautiful trail. I wish I could take some walks outside it is just too dang HOT!! We are mall walkers until Fall.

The mallard video was very cute. Mom Mallard keeps her ducklings swimming a straight line.

We are awaiting our daughter and sil. Fortunately Madi is napping
but not on their bed. LOL
Hugs C

Terry said...

What a bunch of beggars those geese are! The mallard video is very sweet.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Geese really can be pushy but I've found that swans can be a bit more greedy, ducks a little more polite! :-)) But what a beautiful day taht I'm glad you enjoyed Louise!

Lori Skoog said...

Great shots... love those baby geese. I just caught some pictures of the swallows living in our horse barn. They were there one day and had flown the coop by the next. Good for you, walking.

Jim said...

Oh those 'pushy Canadians'....geese, that is! lol
Yes, I have learned to ALWAYS bring along a camera just in case. You know that when you don't, you will 'miss' that spectacular shot! As in these ones!!!
Thanks for the tour. You have such an adventurous and knowledgeable 'spirit'.