Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mid-July Flowers

Hope you don't get sick of them.
The coneflowers are in full bloom now.
Along with a Lupine that decided to bloom late.
The Paul's Glory Hosta was new last year, and, for once, I planted it in a good spot.  It's just booming.  I love this Hosta.  The leaves start out a couple of pale green colors, but the more sun they get, the more they turn golden.
 And, the Hydrangeas continue to wow me.  They have so many lovely flowers this year.

But, of course, for me it's the Daylilies.  This little garden is planted entirely with new
Daylilies from last year.  And, one little Hosta that was fading away in my shade garden.  I hollowed out the tree stump that was there, filled it with dirt, and planted the Hosta there.  I wondered if it would grow, but, so far, so good.
And, the new Daylilies that bloomed in the past couple of days.
I bought this one before I was really into them, and, of course, didn't keep track of the name.  It's one of my favorites, though, with its deep colored eye.
This Touched by Midas is different.  Most Daylily flowers have three sepals and three petals.  This one has five of each.  It's a gigantic bloom, probably because of this, and really catches your eye.  If I was a hybridizer, I'd probably be trying to propagate this, to see if I could eventually get a double.  As it is, I'll just enjoy it.
South Seas - One of my favorites.  And, it's easy to grow, with lots of buds, too.

This unknown white is very pretty, but it drives me nuts because its scape is very long and thin, so it usually falls over before the flowering cycle is over.  I suppose I could stake it, but that kind of spoils it for me.
Alaskan Spring - It surprised me by being on such a short scape, but, I guess that means it definitely won't fall over.
And, lastly, Spiritual Corridor putting on a nice little show.


Sharon said...

I do love the hydrangeas! Your lilies are fabulous and you have so many buds, you will have blooms for quite a while!

texwisgirl said...

nope. not tired of them. nothing's blooming here. too hot. too dry. i think we're gonna lose some of our plants and smaller trees if we don't get rain soon...

Upupaepops said...

I was thinking this morning about mini-lily and what varieties would do well in a balcony box.

I see the day lily all over in the business park I work in but they are big/tall types not something for an apartment dweller.

North said...

I love the clarity and color in these photos!

Gary said...

I've got those yellow day lilies, and the colour is so intense!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

John Gray said...

with words and pictures... you paint a lovely picture

Terry said...

The bud-less one can never get enough at your flowers.

redneckrosarian said...

Your lilies are beautiful. Love the rich colors.

barefootheart said...

Louise, your garden is coming along beautifully! I especially like Spiritual Corridor, very pretty.

Re the gold flower, having extra petals is called polytepal or polymerous. Some hybrids have an occasional poly flower, and others are bred to have all poly, such as 'Give Me Eight'. I don't think Touched by Midas is prone to this, but I've heard 'By Myself' sometimes does. Check out this picture:


Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Pretty, pretty! Do you order daylilies from Gilbert Wild?