Wednesday, July 13, 2011


My front yard is full of chicory.
I'm not one to put chemicals on the lawn, but, normally, it stays green enough around here that they get mowed down on a regular basis.  This year, however, we're in a moderate drought, and the grass is not growing.  My front yard was brown, except where the chicory was growing.  It doesn't mind dry weather.  I have an electric weedeater, and the cord doesn't reach out there.  So, since Sunday, I have been going out every day with this little golf club thing, that has a sharp edge, and whacking it down by hand.  I finished today!  I don't think the lawn looks that much better, but, at least I don't have ugly stalks sticking up all over.

Just as a contrast, here's my front lawn.  These pictures were taken after I got through wacking the chicory.

 And, here's my back lawn, that's in the shade most of the day.

What a difference a few trees can make.


Samantha said...

I love chicory when it stays where I want it (when does that happen?!), but trying to keep it tamed down..oy!
You've got a great yard. :)

texwisgirl said...

oh yeah. definitely green and 'user friendly' in the back. :)

Sharon said...

Big difference between the front and the back! Yep, trees help a lot!

Dreaming said...

Yes, there is a marked contrast between shade and no shade! We could see that here, up until this past week - when we've had a bit of rain almost every afternoon - things are greening up all over - hooray!
Weeds fascinate me. It is amazing how well they can do in adverse conditions!
I pulled up a bunch of thistle yesterday... and need to spray some more.

Dar said...

Will be prayin' for a little rain to make your greens greener and your browns proud.
Enjoy your summer, Louise

KB said...

That is a remarkable contrast! Trees are good :) Now, we need to convince the rest of the human race of that fact. There's much too much logging going on near me.

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Shade does make a difference, doesn't it? This spring I bought a battery powered weed eater, I love that thing, no more cords.

Anonymous said...

Yow, that lawn is just crying out for a few daylilies! Lucky thing you're going to Cottage Gardens! You can spend a fortune at such places but the nice thing is the opposite: for 10 or 20 dollars you can treat yourself to a couple of plants that will bring you pleasure for years to come, not to mention your blog readers : ). Have a nice outing.

Berts Blog said...

Hi Louise, I came over from Romping and Rolling in the Rockies just because of the wonderful wisdom of what you said in her comments.

"The beauty that you live in would heal a wounded soul."

I just wanted to learn more about the human who wrote such beautiful words.

Thanks. It hit deep in our souls.

Bert and My Vickie

Terry said...

Is that the same chicory people use in coffee?
Yep, that's a big difference, front to back. We usually look like your parched front lawn, but we've had enough rain that we're starting to look like your back!

Liesl said...

A huge difference between the shady parts and the front lawn. I put horse manure from the stables on our lawn and not a weed in sight,with regular watering though. On the less watered areas of the garden there are a lot of weeds! Weeds don't seem to like well fertilized and watered lawns so much! Eeck,they make a lot of work!