Sunday, April 29, 2012

Never Say Never

My Promise Mare died three years ago.  At that time, I decided that I would not get another horse.  Horses these days can easily live to be 30 years old, or even more.  I keep my horses for life, in great part because I am afraid of what might happen to them, out there in the wide world.  Since I'm not young any more, I didn't want to chance having a horse outlive me.

While I was volunteering at the track, I saw lots of lovely horses.  But, it was easy to resist them because track Thoroughbreds are all so young.  I no longer volunteer there, so that temptation is behind me.

But, I made many friends in rescue while I was actively involved, and, every once in a while, I still get emails about horses that urgently need homes.  In February, I got such an email.  It was about a mare who was no longer wanted by the family that owned her, because the daughter had lost all interest in horses.  Understandably, they found the expense of keeping a horse that nobody loved to be too much.  This mare was 25 years old.  With the economy today, it's hard to place even young horses, much less old gals like this, who really can do much of anything except a light trail ride now and then.

I pictured some old, decrepit horse, not good for much of anything.  I decided that, since no one else was likely to want her, she stood a good chance of ending up in a bad place.  And, as she was very aged, I thought that there was little probability that she would outlive me.  So, I went to look at her.

I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised.  This is no decrepit old girl.  She's an Appendix Quarterhorse (that's a cross between a Thoroughbred and a Quarterhorse, for those of you who aren't really horse oriented),  a 16.1 chestnut beauty, in fine physical shape, for her age.  I have to admit, I fell in love.  And, I said I would take her.  The people were very good in that they gave her to me.  So, buying her was an expense that I didn't have to face.

I've only had her a couple of months, but I am enjoying her so much.  She's a very smart girl, wise in the ways of the world.  You can almost see her thinking, sometimes.  She tries little disobedient tricks every now and then, just to test me.  But, all you have to do is tell her no and she quits, often with an "Oh heck, can't get away with a thing." expression on her face.  She's calm and steady and strong enough so that I may actually be able to ride her some day, when I lose enough weight (I have lost 40 pounds, but that's another post.)

I've been lucky enough to learn her history.  She came to this area from Virginia when she was six years old.  She's had one foal, a gelding who still is showing at 17 years old.  She has been an event horse, has foxhunted and shown in the hunter/jumpers.  She was a lot of horse when she was young, keen and always ready to go.  I actually have a good friend who, it turns out, knew her in those days.  It always amazes me, what a small world the horse community is.

And now, I'd like to introduce you to Lexy, my new love.  These pictures were taken shortly after I got her, and she still has her Winter coat.  She's shedding out to a beautiful gleaming chestnut color now.  I'm waiting until she's completely shed out, then I'll take some more pictures.  The purple halter, by the way, is gone, replaced by a nice leather one.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Flowers for Leontien

Best wishes from a not so constant blogger.  No flowers in my yard yet, so I send you lots of pictures of Summer flowers in the hopes that the sun may always shine on you.