Sunday, July 31, 2011

Out of My Rear Window 7-31-11

I don't know what kind of day it's going to be.  When I first got up, it was sunny, but, now, clouds seem to be taking over the sky.  I do know it's as humid as all get out.  The temperature is only 74, but, I was soaked within a few minutes of going outside.
Remember all that work I did, knocking down the Chicory?  Stubborn flower insisted on blooming close to the ground.
But, at that, I guess it's better than my neighbor's place.  They didn't do a thing.
It's a nuisance, but, I have to admit it's a pretty flower.
The Black-eyed Susans are at the peak of their bloom
And, one of my new daylilies, Alexia Kathrine, bloomed today.  Weird flower, but, it tickles my fancy,
A couple of the Turkey Ladies came to visit.
And the early diners were out in force.  English Sparrow, House Finch and the posterior view of an unidentifiable guest.
This little character cracked me up.  Not only is she having a bad hair day, but, she looks like she's getting more than her fair share at the feeders.
And, last but not least, the requisite, they're too cute to leave out, squirrel picture.
I hope that your Sunday is peaceful and happy.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Uh Oh! I Think I Got Him Mad!

Just a Few Late July Flowers

Alaskan Spring
Bittersweet Honey
Butterfly Bush
A wayward Columbine that decided to bloom, long after its time.
Pure and Simple continues to stun with gorgeous bloom after gorgeous bloom on sturdy scapes.  It's definitely become one of my favorites.
Yesterday's rain refreshed everything.  Today, it's warm and sunny again, but things seem to have an added glow.  Enjoy your day.

Friday, July 29, 2011

More, Just Stuff

This ain't no turkey.
You lookin' at me?
Becky's idea of comfort sure isn't mine.  Please excuse the eerie eyes, she always has to look at her Mom when I'm taking pictures.
How turkeys take a (dust) bath.
We are getting a gentle rain this morning.  It's a blessing because we have been in a moderate drought.  This is the first time in I don't know how long that I have actually seen road spray.
Just look at how brown and crisp that grass is.  Well, except at the very bottom where I have been watering the flowers.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pine Cone Husks

Well, at least they're eating something besides the sunflower seeds and corn that I put out.
Such a neat little pile.  The question is whether this is the work of a squirrel or a chipmunk.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Odds and Ends

Just a few random pictures, none of them enough to make a whole blog about.
Turkey Lady and Squirrel
I finally got you, Mr. Crow
The family.  It must have been the time of day and the location of the sun, because I've never caught that weird reflection before, but it was on every single picture.  I wasn't going to include it, but then I figured, meh, the Turkey Family hasn't had their space in quite a while.
And, lastly, this little daylily.  I don't know its name, but I know that it's a survivor.  It's planted in a container that doesn't drain very well.  In a normal year, that doesn't prove to be a problem.  But, we had an extremely wet Spring.  I never gave it a thought until one day, well into the wet weather, I noticed that there was about an inch of standing water on top of the soil.  I dumped it, and kept an eye on it after that, but it looked like it was too late.  For a long time, that little plant stood still, not growing at all.  I was thinking about digging it up, but the little bit that was above the surface was green and healthy. 

So, I let it be, and, one day, late in Spring, I noticed that it was finally growing.  I thought "Good, I'll just let it grow this year, even if it is too late for it to produce flowers.  Maybe it will regain enough health to bloom next year."  Then, a few weeks ago, unbelievably, it sent up a scape.  And, yesterday, that little daylily bloomed.  Oh, the scape only has two buds on it, and the little flower isn't perfect.  But, how can you not admire a plant that persists through the terrible odds that this one had.
 May we all have the perseverance to survive through tough times that this little one has.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Government of the People, by the People, for the People.

I've been dithering all morning about whether or not to write this.  It's a great departure from the tone of my usual blogging.  I may offend some of you, and, for that, I'm sorry.  But, it is my honest opinion that it is time for the citizens of this United States to take a stand and take our government back.

A new feeling is sweeping the country.  We are beginning to wake up and realize that we are being manipulated by members of both parties.  That politicians don't work for the people any more, they work for themselves, and for the corporate interests that finance their elections.  If nothing else, the speeches we listened to last night proved that.  It's all about agenda, agenda, agenda, on both sides.  We don't need sides, especially at this critical time in our nation's history.  We need people willing to work together, to give and take, to solve the problems that we all face.

There was a new movement started today.  Those of you with facebook can find it here.!/EnoughIsEnoughMarch?sk=info

There is a website here:

What is being proposed, as a beginning, is a PEACEFUL march on Washington.  Date and time have not been established yet, but the purpose is to try and make those inside the Beltway more aware of what the average American citizen is feeling and thinking about how this country is being run.

All I'm asking is that you take the time to read and come to your own conclusion.  If you like the idea, pass it on, in any way that you can.

I'm going.  Heck, I've done this before, though never in Washington.  I even threw a tomato at Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller once.  Ran like hell after I did it, I was so scared.  Wouldn't do that again.  I can't run fast enough now.  But I can stand shoulder to shoulder with my fellow Americans and let the political machines in Washington know that we're waking up and realize what's happening.

So, what good does it do for one blogger to spread the word to all 85 of her followers?  Well, maybe not much.  But, maybe, if enough old ladies who normally blog about things like flowers, squirrels and Turkey Ladies, take a stand, and say their piece, we will make a difference.

I'm a Boomer.  I lived through the '60's and participated in some of the momentous events of that era, though I was, by no means, an important player, just one of many.  Vietnam, Civil Rights, Women's Rights, we tackled them all.  So, light up the fire that used to burn in your belly and take another stand.  This time, it's for us, and our children and grandchildren.

Monday, July 25, 2011


OK, it's a weed.  But I happen to think it's a very attractive weed, and I have been letting it grow, where it isn't in the way.  Besides, birds love the berries.  The plant can grow very large.  These are about six feet tall.  Look at those bright red stems. 
It started flowering a while ago.  In the middle of the little white flowers, you can see the berry beginning to form.
As the flowers fade, the berries become larger.  Eventually these green berries will turn deep purple.

I must caution you that all parts of these plants, including the berries, are toxic to mammels.  That said, poke used to be harvested when it was very young, washed and soaked thoroughly three times, and made into "poke salit."  I don't think you could get me to eat it, though.  There's too much stuff out there that you can eat, without risk of death.

The berries can be made into a dye, and the juice used as ink.  One of the most interesting modern uses for the berries seems to be as a dye that coats a new kind of solar panel cell, greatly increasing its efficiency.

So, I'll let my poke grow, and enjoy it for what it is, a weed that can be useful, in many ways.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Out of My Rear Window 7-24-11

It rained last night!!!!!  And, today, it's only 72 degrees, with a cool breeze blowing.  Heaven!

As usual, the squirrels and chipmunks are hanging out, especially after I put out the morning feed.
Honest to gosh, I could probably devote a whole blog to these two types of critters.  Which are cuter

Or Chipmunks?

I vote tie!
The birds were breakfasting, too.  This group caught an early meal, before they were off on their Sunday doings.
Mrs. Cardinal made a brief appearance, looking for hubby, perhaps, since she looks a little angry?
The Mourning Dove, in contrast, was a picture of sweet serenity.
Even Mr. and Mrs. Goldfinch were dining, together this week, so they must have made up the differences that lead to dining at separate tables a couple of weeks ago.
I've been holding out, waiting for the Turkey Ladies to make an appearance, but they haven't deigned to appear this morning.  They must be brunching somewhere else.  If they do come around, I'll put up a later blog about them.  In the meantime, have a wonderful, and hopefully cooler, Sunday.

Friday, July 22, 2011

I think I was wrong

I think that this fox is a gray fox.  Here's the picture I took, again.
And, here's a file picture I found of a couple of gray foxes.
All the red on the one in my yard was fooling me into thinking this was a variation on a red fox, but, looking a this picture and a few others, I think we're looking at a gray.  What do you think?

I sent a copy of the photo to the New York State conservation magazine "The Conservationist."  Let's see if they answer.

A New Visitor

These pictures are not good, and I promise I will keep trying to get better ones, but, I thought you'd like to see the newest visitor to my yard.

The woods behind my house used to be home to both red foxes, like this guy, and the rarer grey fox.  Unfortunately, about 10 years ago, a pack of coyotes moved in, and took over the territory.  Soon, all of the foxes were gone.  The coyote decimated the small animal population, and, a few years ago, moved on.  Slowly, the rabbits have been coming back.  And, of course, we know that the squirrel and chipmunk population is booming, thanks, probably, to me.

Last year, I caught a couple of glimpses of a red fox, but only for a couple of weeks, and then he was gone.  This year, about a month ago, this guy started showing up.  I have my fingers crossed that he, or she, will stick around.  It's hard to get a good picture of him, because he is here, then, he is gone.  Last night was the first time that I was able to get my camera, switch it on, and get a couple of quick shots, before he left.  He makes me smile, the way he just bops along.

Watch out, little rodents, you have a predator among you.