Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mid-July Flowers, Part II

This may be it for a couple of days.  The heat and humidity that has been plaguing the major part of the country is scheduled to make it here for a chance to torture some new people.  I melt in this kind of stuff, so I will probably be staying inside and vegging for a while.  But, in the meantime, more flowers.
These are two that I just bought last week.
Cajun Sunshine.  I think that the flower is a little curled due to the stress of being transplanted.  On several of the daylilies that I just bought, the buds have dried up and fallen off.  That's OK, as long as the roots take.
Golden Tentacles.  No stress here.  This was my "expensive" plant, just because I couldn't resist it.  What a knockout.  Please excuse the chubby hand on the top, I was trying to shade the flower to get a better picture.
Ruffled Dude is from last year.
As is Taos, another WOW flower.  Not only is it beautiful, but it's huge, at least six inches wide.
Exotic Love.  The first several flowers were deformed, but, now they seem to be correct.
Another polytepal, so it probably is By Myself.
John Morton.  My "expensive" one from last year.  I like it, but am just a bit disappointed.
See what I mean about this one looking like fireworks when it's in full bloom?

Frans Hals.  A very old cultivar, but still very pretty, I think.
Siloam Peony Display.  This is the only double I have that bloomed this year.  I do have another but it didn't put up any scapes this year.  If it doesn't do anything next year, it's outa here.
Touched by Midas and Fireworks put on a show together.
Spiritual Corridor continues to dazzle with its profusion of blooms.
While Royal Heritage does some dazzling of its own.
And, say goodbye for the year to Chicago Picotee Pride.  This was the first to bloom at the end of June, and, today, its last blossom is on display.  But, don't worry, I still have two more that haven't started to bloom yet.
Hmmm, this is getting kind of long.  I do grow a few other flowers, and was going to put them up, too.  But, maybe, I'll wait and put them in another post.  It'll give me something to blog about tomorrow or the next day, while I'm hibernating inside.


texwisgirl said...

those are gorgeous. i hope the blooms (and you) can survive the heat wave...

willowhousechronicles said...

You really have some beauties, Louise! Spiritual Corridor looks lovely and I like your new Golden Tentacles.

I was just naming "Give Me Eight" as an example of a daylily bred to be a poly. "By Myself" is more like yours, a regular daylily that also produces poly flowers.

Woodswalker said...

My goodness, what a collection of Daylilies you have! I love their names. One of my fellow Saratogians (now deceased, I believe) was a renowned breeder of Daylilies. His name was Stanley Saxton, and I loved to walk by his home and ogle which varieties were in bloom. I think your garden rivals his. Stay cool!

Dreaming said...

I am so in love with all of your day lilies. We found a great place in the NC mountains years ago, where you could go dig up your lilies and bag them for $5 a plant. We bought a bunch, but what the deer didn't eat, neglect managed to do in (we had them planted at a weekend place... which wasn't used all that many weekends!) I'd love to get more varieties here.

I so know what you mean about the heat. I think as I've gotten older I've grown less tolerant of the heat and humidity. Summers in SC were really awful. Even my hubby noticed that he didn't like it as much. As a young man he would revel in being outside doing 'man work' and sweating up a storm. Lately... not so much ;-)

missing moments said...

Louise, these are gorgeous!
Thanks for dropping by my place and now I get to discover you! New follower!

Janet said...

I thought I was doing well with 2-3 different varieties of day lilies -now I want more ! love the golden tentacles one-I`ve got to get me one of those !

Sharon said...

I honestly cannot decide if I have a favorite, they are all just too glorious! You will be called "The Lily Lady" by your neighbors!

Enjoy your A/C!

Madi and Mom said...

Oh my gosh I know what you mean about the heat. It was already 85 at 9:30am today which was really 8:30 am suntime. We are more accustom to the 3Hs here but it is never easy to deal with. We expect 100 Friday, Sat. and Sunday.
Tomorrow my mom has PT at 11am...we're going to get out and back hom quickly she doesn't need to be out in that heat for too long.

Your lillies are absolutely amazing. Do you know how many you have planted?
Hugs C

Gary said...

Beautiful!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

Lori Skoog said...

The ruffles are my favorites! I am one of many...SO SICK OF THIS EXTREME HEAT without a break.

Terry said...

They are just beautiful. And I love the names.

Sall's Country Life said...

Wow! You must be the queen of day lilies! Every one of them is just gorgeous!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Louise, what beautiful flowers! I would so enjoy them if they were in my yard as well!!

I'm glad you saw your stray! I've not seen ours in about a month and hope it's okay. But I've caught a glimpse of a black and white cat sitting on the road leading to the farm around the corner from us so I can only hope!

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Beautiful! You are getting quite the collection. I hope you survive the heat and humidity, it hit 101 here yesterday, factoring in the humidity it was 115, supposed to be the same today. Awful! The dogs and I just got back from our walk, I will do some watering in awhile and the rest of the day will be spent inside.

You asked about the flower on my post yesterday, it is a peony poppy sometimes called a bread poppy, they are easily grown from seed, I purchased my seeds from Select Seeds. You can see fields of them in pictures Afghanistan.

Adirondackcountrygal said...

Beautiful lilies!