Friday, May 28, 2010

Odds and Ends

I'm taking so many trail walks these days, that I'm not putting up pictures of them all, for fear of boring. These are from a walk I took a few days ago. I just wanted to share.

Baltimore Oriole

Red Admiral Butterflies

Strangled Tree

I'm walking that same trail today, and can't wait to see what I shall see.


Roses and Lilacs said...

I'm putting grape jelly and a strawberry out every morning in hopes of attracting some orioles. It's getting kind of late in the season and so far none have visited.

Certainly is an odd looking tree trunk.

Enjoy your weekend.

Sharon said...

Good Morning Louise! The Oriole is beautiful - great shot! I wonder if those two butterflies are "friends"? Really love that tree. looks like someone tried to strangle it as a youngster! :) I don't think you could ever make a tree grow like that if you tried. It's very interesting, like a sculpture.

Enjoy your walk!

AJ-OAKS said...

The tree actually grows like that? Very intereseting. Great pics of the Oriole and the butterflies. So pretty.
Looking forward to seeing pics of your next walk.

Louise said...

That tree is the way it is because of a vine that was wrapped around it when it was younger. I think that when the path was cleared, they cut the vine off of the tree.

I'm still trying to identify the vine. It's not grapevine, Virginia creeper (woodbine) or poison ivy. It starts out thread thin and can grow to the size of a human forearm. The bark is smooth and the leaves are single and oval. I took pictures, intending to ask for help, but the pictures of the leaves didn't come out well at all.

Tina said...

You really take amazing pictures. Ever get any of the framed?

Terry said...

I really enjoy the pictures, Louise. They could never be boring.

Canyon Girl said...

Your pictures are wonderful and never, never boring. -- inger