Saturday, May 22, 2010

It's Isobelle's Lady's Fault!

Isobelle Golightly's Lady and I went shopping yesterday. She had been telling me about the wonders of the Amish greenhouses in her area for weeks, and I really wanted to see them. After all, I had just about everything planted for the year, so I wouldn't be tempted to buy much. Riiiiiiiight!

I got so enthralled with the greenhouses that I forgot all about taking pictures of them. The plants are beautiful, and the prices are quite inexpensive. I ended up buying a lot of stuff that I just couldn't resist. Here's pictures from when I got home with everything.

I can't remember the names of everything that I bought, but the two big plants are a false sprirea and a honeysuckle (which I had wanted before we left). There are two of the most gorgeous orangey, yellowy begonias tucked away in there, along with a couple of geraniums, and just tons of other stuff.

Now the big problem becomes "Where the heck do I plant all of these things?"

After we finished shopping, we drove to a place that the Lady knew of to have lunch. On the way there, we saw a herd of Highland Cattle. Of course, I had to stop and take pictures. They are the most delightful, hairy beasties.

As always when I do something with Isobelle's Lady, I had a wonderful time. But, next time, we're going someplace where I have no excuse to spend money.


Tina said...

Wow you did pretty good I must say...almost as bad as me in the LONGEARS BOUTIQUE. lol....I was wondering the same thing as I am looking at the pictures...where is she gonna put all these plants lol....I love the pictures of the Cattle, isn't it amazing how different regions have different cattles.

Upupaepops said...

put the honeysuckle someplace where you can enjoy the hummers that will come to it.

If it is L ciliosa it is our native here

We stopped at a native plant greenhouse yesterday on our field trip. I was thankful that I don't have a yard at that moment.

Neville Henry Fotheringham said...

oooh... honeysuckle! The lady that came to see me yesterday has a couple of those next to her porch, they were just wee little plants a year ago now they're twisting around the porch posts and getting tall! I like the first big leafy plant you pictured! Looks tasty!

Sharon said...

Guess you have your weekend cut out for you! I hope you have good weather for it! We must have pictures when you are done! Your first trip to Amish nursery - basically same as Mennonites, they are thrifty people and all seem to be born with green thumbs.

AJ-OAKS said...

Sounds like you had so much fun. The plants look terrific. Love the word inexpensive!! :)
Highland cattle! How cool is that!! They are just downright neat looking.
There are no Amish folk around here. Well, if there are, um, no one knows they are here then!
Although I have heard they are quite the crafstman.