Monday, May 17, 2010

Busy Day

But a fun one, for me, because I got to dig in the dirt for several hours. I finally have just about all of my annuals planted. I have one spot that could use something, and I would like it to be a climber. I'm thinking honeysuckle, simply because we had a vine when I was young, the smell was wonderful and it was so much fun to pull the flower off and suck out the nectar. Here's the back garden, all newly planted and ready to grow. I was thinking of putting the vine on a trellis in the middle.

Closeup of part of that garden. There's some snapdragons, some petunias, a day lily and some creeping phlox that I got from my neighbor's trash heap, where he had thrown it.

I got the mailbox garden finished.

Finished the pot garden (notice I haven't cleaned out all the leaves and seeds that came down during our big wind a few days ago).

And, put a few pots on my back steps.

While I was doing that, the young man from next door was mowing the lawn for me. He uses a big John Deere mower and, after we checked with his Dad, he mowed along the edge of the lawn, pushing back the ever invading weeds. The only problem with that is that now, with that nice strip of earth, I've got the itch to plant something there, as well. We'll see. I've kind of got my hands full with the gardens I have now. I still have two of my perennial gardens to clean out, and they're a mess, which is why there have been no pictures of them.

While I was walking around, admiring the job that the young man had done, I noticed a patch of small white flowers in the border of the woods. When I checked, I found it was woodruff. It's in a precarious position, and I think I'll ask the owner of that part of the woods if I can dig them out and transplant them into my shade garden. I have some, but I just love them, because they smell so good in the Spring.

There's also this giant thing right along the edge of my lawn. I think it's alfalfa, which wouldn't be a surprise. Those of us who have horses, with blankets and other stuff that has to be brought home to be washed, know that you frequently find alfalfa growing in the oddest places. Seeds from the hay the horses eat seem to end up everywhere.

I was pretty tired after that, so I decided to read the paper. It came in an advertising bag yesterday, and, I got a big laugh out of the product that was being advertised. I'd never heard of it before, and I just have to wonder how much marketing research was done. I mean, wouldn't you laugh if you were served some Bimbo Bread?

Or, is that just my sometimes convoluted sense of humor?


Tina said...

Wow you really did work a lot on your garden, how nice and rewarding to look at it all finished, isn't it? Can't wait for it to be all in bloom. Great Job! Wanna do mine next? I really have no green thumb nor even any incline to plant, but I do love a pretty garden....and I always admire everybody else's. Oh well I can look lol.

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Where can we get "Bimbo Bread"?...beautiful gardens.....


Sharon said...

Wow, Louise, your gardens are going to be famous! You are doing such a fabulous job! Lots of work, but worth it to have it looks so nice!

Honeysuckle grows wild here, along the fences and literally everywhere. A small amount of honeysuckle smells good. When they are all blooming, it can sickening. I would try to contain it if I could or it will reseed and take over the place, and it's a creeper (sneaky dickens) and gets everywhere.

Bimbo bread..... that's funny, I suppose Bimbo makes it. Oh, I can't help it - it's funny!

Upupaepops said...

Bimbo is a popular bread in Mexico and Central America

Isnt your "alfalfa" a Rose or Rubus species? Looks like a native rose at first glance

Louise said...

I don't think so Upupaepops. It's got clover like leaves and no thorns. But, I'm going to let it grow, and we'll see what kind of flower it produces.

AJ-OAKS said...

Bimbo bread!! That is sooooo funny!
I vote for honeysuckle on a white trellis. Mmmmmm, the sweet nectar. Yum!
Your garden is so serene. Just makes you want to sit and relax.

IsobelleGoLightly said...

I've never heard of Bimbo bread! hee hee. I have a great idea for your new garden area! The solomon seal from my lady's garden would love it there - and would spread nicely. She has some centaura for you, which would like partially sunny.

Anonymous said...

Hi Louise...I was out blog-hopping this evening and followed the crumbs to your blog. Very serene and peaceful, enjoyed reading about your gardens, your sweet aunt, looking at your pics.

Liz (aka Ninny)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Bimbo Bread....just makes me giggle! lol! And I suppose they are marketing it to Moms with kids...but seriously...cubs? lol!

Everything is looking beautiful around your place. I like the little flowers spread around your house. Honeysuckle is one of my favorite plants. I've got a wall covered in it abovemy backyard. They are basically zero maintenance and come back on their own year after year.
I, too like to suck out the nectar. heheh!