Thursday, July 1, 2010

More Walks

Monday was miserable and rainy, with the constant threat of thunderstorms. Rain I can take, but the idea of being in the middle of the woods in a thunderstorm was too daunting for me. So my walks so far this week have been Tuesday and Wednesday.

Tuesday I did the Red Trail. It was a rather ordinary walk, but, I did get a good picture of this tree, with a hollow right through it. The tree is flourishing, in spite of it.

The sumac flowers are maturing.

And, the honeysuckle berries look like perfect little works of art.

New flowers included Black Knapweed, which was way off of the path and is seen here at high magnification. If you click on the picture, you may get a better view.

I think that this is Bugle, though the leaves don't seem quite right. This flower identification can be a little frustrating at times.

In one of the little streams I crossed, there were a lot of water striders.

As I was walking along the path, I saw a bird ahead of me taking a dust bath. I didn't want to get any closer, because I was afraid that I would scare it off. This is the best picture I got (for some reason, I got a lot of pictures of the bird's butt). It looks like it is a Wood Thrush.

This dragonfly is going to be a challenge to see so click away. Isn't it fascinating to see how creatures can blend so perfectly into their surroundings?

I went over to the swamp again.

This blue dragonfly isn't so well camouflaged.

I wanted to check out that winged loosestrife again. I'm a little more sure of my ID now, as that little plant has produced a lot more flowers.

Doesn't it look like something has made tracks through the algae? I wonder what? Maybe a frog, or five? There were certainly enough of the croaking, though I couldn't see a single one.

You know, maybe that wasn't such an ordinary walk after all.

Wednesday was the Big Meadow near the Big Woods. The meadow was beautiful, so full of flowers.

It seemed like there were dozens of swallows in the air over the meadow, swooping and turning, catching dozens and dozens of insects. This may be another one to click. I couldn't follow one, of course, so I just pointed my camera at the air and started clicking.

Everyone knows this flower, it's Queen Anne's Lace. This is the first for the year, and it's just opening. I was surprised at the subtle shade of pink.

It was breezy in the meadow, so I had to hold the flowers, to get a good picture.



Spotted Knapweed. It's pretty, isn't it? It's an invader, and a noxious one. It's also st the edge of a big patch of poison ivy, the smart little bugger. Otherwise, I'd ask for permission to dig it out.

Birds and flowers weren't the only things in abundance yesterday. Insects were too.



But, the prize of the day was a bird, an Indigo Bunting. I have never seen one before. I heard singing that I didn't recognize so I started looking around. I finally say a bird, high up in a tree. When I turned my camera on it, I saw that there was blue. I thought then, "could it be?" When I got home and downloaded my pictures, sure enough, there it was, the first live Indigo Bunting I have ever seen.

Beautiful, isn't it?


Roses and Lilacs said...

The meadow is so lovely with the different colored blooms.

Indigo Buntings must nest in your area. They pass thru here in the spring and fall but they never stay thru the summer.

Tina said...

Wow the indigo bunting is beautiful, I was lucky enough to see one in our backyard once or twice thorughout the years, they truly are beautiful.
How do you know all the flowers' names? You must have a good memory for that. Very neat.

Sharon said...

I used to be an avid bird watcher, with my book and binoculars on the table beside my chair, looking out of my window to the world. The first time I saw an Indigo Bunting, I about flipped! So I know how you felt!

The wild flowers are beautiful, but I could almost sneeze. LOL!


I enjoyed the peaceful walk with you on this post. Nature always clears my mind. I could feel the motion of your walk through your lovely photos. The indigo was certainly a thrill! -- barbara


Louise, Just read your profile. A suggestion from this ole retired hippy to another -- wear roses in your hair and all other aliveness clothing -- you earned it -- barbara

Canyon Girl said...

I just love your walks. That meadow with the many differant colored flowers and the swallows...and the strider in the water...well, they are all so gorgeous.--Inger

Terry said...

Congratulations on your Indigo Bunting sighting. I like your tip of holding the flower to steady it. I will try that.

Upupaepops said...

Your camera work is awesome today. The bee the swallow and the brown on brown dragonfly, most appreciated.

I had a hollow cottonwood yesterday on my trunk. I took pictures of the inside , it could easily fit three people

Lori Skoog said...

What a great walk...thanks for taking us along.
Louise, I want you to come over sometime...I'll make you lunch...what do you say?

Louise said...

Lori, I would love to visit. I'll leave a message on your blog.

Upupaepops said...

Oh no Oh no

I had a cottonwood with a hollow trunk on my walk . Yikes It does sound like a tree fell on my car!!!

pictures here