Monday, July 26, 2010

Around the Yard - The Last of the Daylilies

I've been bad. It's been so hot and humid that I have not been walking. So, I decided to take a walk around the yard, and see what is blooming.

The daylilies are almost done. Only a few of my latest bloomers are left. Among these are two newcomers that I planted this year.

Baltimore Oriole

I like this one, but it's very similar to an old, unknown red that I have had for some years. The only difference I can see is that Baltimore Oriole is slight more orange. Here's the unknown red, another late bloomer, for comparison.

The other new one that bloomed this year is Nova Lavender. I don't know quite what to think of this one. In this picture, it does look slightly lavender, but seen growing, it looks kind of a dusky pink. Pretty, though, no matter what color it is.

Frans Hals is always one of the last to be blooming.

As is this unknown lemony white.

There are a few other things blooming, also. The Mandevilla vine is flowering. This vine loves the hot sticky weather we have been having. It will bloom well all through August, and into September if the weather stays warm.

As far as wildflowers go, there were:

Stinging Nettles

Ox-eyed Daisies

And, gaaaaaa! Brown Knapweed. I have never seen this stuff on the borders of the woods around my house before.

The weather has taken a turn for the better. I'm going to try to get over to the Big Meadow today, and see what is going on.

Oops, change of plans. We just got the OK to go to a large daylily farm near here, even if they are technically closed. Ay yiyiyi, this could be bad for the pocketbook.


Sharon said...

Good Morning!

Day Lilies sure do come in a wide variety of colors, don't they. I really like that Baltimore Oriole one, very bright!

Your weather is better? Lucky you! We had 99 (and muggy) 4 days straight. No rain. It's drier than a fish turd rolled in sand out in our yard.

Enjoy your walk!

Roses and Lilacs said...

Good morning. Hope you bring back lots of daylily photos.

Sunday was lovely here. A break from the heat and humidity and monsoon rains.

Terry said...

Next year I'm planting daylilies for sure! They might actually grow here.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Hi Louise! Yes, the weather is better! We had a really bad storm on Sunday that came before it and we lost power for about 20 hours--Thankfully it was cooler for sleeping! I have decided that even when the flowers are done blooming, if I have their pictures I can still enjoy them! :-) Is Brown Knapweed a bad thing? I'll have to look....Have fun at the day lily farm!$!$

By the way, thanks for the thoughts about Sam's family. They got a pit bull and shepherd mix...What a change from a Golden huh??

Canyon Girl said...

Hi, Louise, how time flies! I remember when you were ordering your new day lilies for this season. Your pictures are beautiful. -- Inger