Sunday, July 25, 2010

Out of My Rear Window 7/25/10

Today is a study in green.

But, if you focus in on the birdfeeder you see the Blue Jays, cheerful and cocky.

Until the Turkey Ladies came along and the Blue Jays decided that it might be wise to vacate the territory. Notice that the turkey lady on the right has a beard. I always thought that those were young Toms, but I read a while ago that one in ten hens has a beard like that.


Sharon said...

It's pleasant, looking out your back window. All I see is the back porch full of junk, I wish we could get it ripped off! I see some little squirrel friends there! Interesting about the hen, I didn't know that.

Have a nice Sunday now!

Terry said...

Of all your visitors, I like the turkeys best.

barefootheart said...

I'm behind on my blog-reading and look what I've been missing! It's wonderful to have deer and turkeys coming to your back yard...assuming they don't eat your plants!