Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Truly Frustrating Walk

We're in the middle of a heat wave here, and I am not a person who enjoys the heat. I didn't go walking on Monday, but made a concentrated effort to go on Tuesday. I did the Orange Trail, and got there at 8:30 AM, the earliest I have ever been there. As I got there, I met a woman just finishing up, who warned me to put on my bug spray, because the deer fly were out in force. I did, but it didn't do much good. I had the nasty little buggers buzzing around my head for my entire walk. I even got bit, after I sweated off the bug spray. Let me tell you, the bite of those @#$*&^%(*) little monsters really hurts.

Then, as I started my walk, the first thing I noticed was one of those prickery plants that I photographed earlier. It was in bloom, and, with that, I was able to identify it as a Canada Thistle. It's another noxious invader, and very hard to get rid of, once it starts growing.

But, all wasn't unpleasant. There was a shy butterfly, hiding on a leaf.

And, there was enough Butterfly Weed out to keep it very, very happy.

Up in the branches, a Song Sparrow was singing his morning song.

And, a little rabbit was enjoying an early morning salad.

I even found a mystery plant. I think (but am not sure) that this is some kind of bush clover. There are many different kinds of this plant, and I can't pin down which kind it is.

Man, it was hot out there, even that early in the day. The sweat was just pouring off of me. The paper towel I had brought along for swabbing purposes was soaking wet. And, just about half way through the walk, the batteries in my camera gave out. No more pictures on this walk.

I did find another new flower, but I'll have to use a stock picture to show you. It was Moth Mullien. It's a very pretty flower, but a very ugly plant, and, another invader. I wonder how long it takes for some of these invaders to be considered, not native, but accepted?

(From: Colorado Noxious Weeds

After that, I gave up. I hiked as fast as I could, on the rest of the trail. I didn't see anything of interest, but, I was so miserable that I very well could have missed something. I did the trail in record time, and, when I got back to the car, immediately sucked down a 20 oz container of water.

The heat is still oppressive, and isn't supposed to break until the weekend. Until it does, I don't think I'll do any more walks. Too hot for this big wuss. I'll take winter any time.


Upupaepops said...

the purple plant is one of the vetches

they can be very challenging to key out, something you need to know a difference right down to the shape on one petal or how the leaves are attached.

Sharon said...

Deer Flies, nasty biters!
I can't take the heat either, it really is too draining. Maybe take a walk in the mall and people watch? Play the points game.

Terry said...

Gee, with your pretty photos, I had all the benefits of your hike without getting hot and bitten. Thanks!

I hope your heat breaks soon. We've had storms for 3 days, and the high yesterday was 61. It's warming up today, and they say we'll hit 90 soon.

Tina said...

I usually don't mind the heat, but the humidity is just crazy....but definitely this is just too hot, even for me. Amazed that you went for a walk in this the bunny.

Roses and Lilacs said...

The heat and humidity have been miserable here too. According to the weather forecasters
(who can't even seem to look out a window and see that it's raining) tomorrow is supposed to start a cooler, more pleasant weather trend. For once, please let them be right.

Hoping you have better walking weather this weekend!

AJ-OAKS said...

Oh yes, winter anytime over miserable heat! At least with cold temps you can bundle up. With heat, there is only so much you can take off!!!!

IsobelleGoLightly said...

The deer flies love this heat and humidity! I laughed at my lady when she came down the driveway to put the mail in the mailbox today! She came down the driveway flailing the mail around her head and came back up the driveway at a good trot flailing her hands around her head...muttering something about *#&$( flies. Tee hee. I like those purpley thistles, Auntie Louise.