Sunday, April 4, 2010

Out of My Rear Window 4/4/10

What a difference in a week. Look at all that green. Even the lilac bush at the end of the stone wall is showing color.

Have a very Happy Easter!


Upupaepops said...

its not the green

it is the sunshine

I want some of that!!!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Wow! Still no green here....uh wait maybe just the tips of some new grass is peeking through....just a wittle ittle bit. hehe!

Happy Spring to you!


Canyon Girl said...

What a lovely backyard! I can't wait to see those lilacs in bloom.

AJ-OAKS said...

Your backyard looks like a park! It's beautiful. Love the bird feeders. Oooooh, the fragrant smell of lilacs. Mmmmmm. :)

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

starting to see some green here and there. The mud is just about all dried up.