Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Homestead

Last week, when I found the homestead again, I took pictures of it from the top of the ridge that I had walked back in on. This time, I stood on that ridge, and really wanted to get an up close look. It's way back in the woods, I'm clumsy and it was a decent incline, so I was a bit nervous. But, I had my cell phone with me, so I decided to give it a try. I'm glad I did, because it was worth it.

The first discovery I made was on the slope itself. Apparently, our lady was a real flower lover, because I found that it was covered with lilies of the valley coming up.

The daffy's were there, but, when I got close, I found that they were so root bound after all these years, that there weren't all that many blooms. I may, since they aren't a native plant, go back there, if I can, and take some for my own garden. I'd like to have a part of the homestead in my own yard.

There's an area full of grass. I wonder if they actually had a lawn back there?

Besides the homestead, itself, I found the remains of a barn.

I "think" that this is a plow, though I can't figure out what that handle thing would be to the left.

Wagon Axle

The house, itself, is so small. It's hard to tell, because only the basement is left, but, I would bet it wasn't more than a living area, a kitchen area and a sleeping area. With only the basement remaining, that's just a guess.

There was also this structure, built right on the outside of the wall. I am not at all sure what it is. Remnants of a chimney, perhaps?

The outdoor fireplace is gorgeous. It look like, with a new grate, you could go right back to cooking on it.

I decided to see if I could find an easier way out. I thought that, if the head of the trail was still there, there must be remnants of it here in the woods. I walked up towards the head of the valley, an easy walk. I didn't find any trail remnants, but I did run right into one of the old logging trails that are back there. I used that to get back to the trails that I had been on before. Now, I know an easier way to make a visit.

I think I like this lady who lived in the woods and her husband. He built to last, and she created a place of beauty. I hope that their lives were long and happy.


Sharon said...

Cool place! I believe that thing you thought was indeed the bottom of the chimney. Neat that they had a basement, they may have had a second floor as well, or a sleeping loft.
Yah, I would think it would be ok to "borrow some of those buttercups and maybe a few of the lilies. :) I would, if I could.
I do envy you're being able to walk so far and still live to tell the tale!

IsobelleGoLightly said...

What a lovely spot for a home. Depending on the time they settled there I'd bet there wasn't a tree in the forest. Most of our lands around here were denuded of trees early in the century. Aren't I a smart goat...denuded....hee hee hee. I'd bet your local historical society could find some old maps that might show the location of the homestead or who owned it. What fun! It's nice to remember things gone by.

John Gray jgsheffield@hotmail.com said...

interesting but a little creepy!!

ME said...

wow....that is so nice, I would have had a field day there when I was a kind..wow...so cool!

Canyon Girl said...

Imagine that we both have ruins close by. I loved to see your photos and it reminds me of my great-grandfather's homestead back in Sweden that my cousin and I located when we went looking for our "roots" back in 2001. Promise to always carry your cell phone on your walks.