Saturday, April 24, 2010

It's a Beautiful Morning

Mr. Tom, Mr. and Mrs. Mallard, a Tufted Titmouse and assorted squirrels were all taking advantage of it to get their breakfast.

The crabapple is almost ready to burst into full bloom.

I have the new garden almost finished. I'm waiting to put some good dirt and some composted cow manure in until my shipment of day lilies arrives, hopefully, next week.

The violets are in full bloom.

Though the true daffodils are mostly finished, the jonquils are still going strong.

Today I have to go out and dig a small, emergency garden. I stopped and talked to my neighbor when I was out taking pictures. He told me that he's going to dig up, and throw away, some of the daffys and jonquils that were in the garden that he tore up last year. He missed some, and they still came up. They were planted by his wife, who died a few years ago. I want some of those flowers for my garden, as a memory of her. She was a dear friend.

I know that this isn't a good time to dig them up, but I have no choice. I'll take a lot of earth with them, and try and put them, as undisturbed as possible, into the ground for now. Then, I'll hope for the best.


ME said...

I so admire someone who is into gardening, it seems such a rewarding activity and you see the fruits of your labours sooner or later, unfortunately I have no green thumb at all or maybe two left thumbs lol, I even killed a cactus bad is that? I leave the gardening to others, but I will be the first in line to admire and oooo and aaaahh over a nice garden. Looks like yours is on it's way to become spectacular.

Sharon said...

You have such a lovely day! We're having thunder storms and sporadic internet....

Good luck with your transplants, it may work out just fine if the temps don't get too warm. It's a nice thought, to have some of your friend's flowers in your garden.

Enjoy your day!

Canyon Girl said...

I too love the thought of your friend's flowers in your garden. I hope it works out. You are so right about the difference in colors between your place and mine. Looking at your photos and mine, it really stands out. And it will increase as everything turns dry and yellow here in another month or so.

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

you have a beautiful home, good luck on the new garden.

Anonymous said...

Such a lovely thought transplanting your friend's daffs. I'm sure they will bloom next year, the Universe has a way of rewarding acts of kindness.

Its lovely that your feeders attract so many types of wildlife. I have a bird table and one feeder on the fence, but I plan to get one or two more, as I love watching who comes to visit ... :0)

Shirl x