Sunday, April 25, 2010

Out of My Rear Window 4/25/10

It's cloudy here today, but the promised rain has not yet materialized. We really need it. I had to water my shade garden this week, unheard of in April around here. See that big black thing by the barn? That's a pond frame. My neighbor tore his pond out a couple of years ago and, when I mentioned that I was thinking about putting one in, he offered me his. Not only that but, his son offered to dig the hole. Now to decide where to put it.

I'm giving myself a true Sunday day of rest today. I've been working hard all week, and my back is telling me to ease off. It's a good day to curl up with a good book.


ME said...

It sure it looks quite miserable...have a great relaxing Sunday!

Sharon said...

Our rain must be on it's way to you! We are having a beautiful day, a little cool yet, but it's still early. Enjoy your day off!

Canyon Girl said...

I love the way your yard looks with the trees in the background. Have a wonderful and relaxing Sunday. Hope your back feels OK.

Aksharaa said...

Hey, u have a lovely view! Good luck with the rain.we are waiting for some u said,by april,just 2 yrs back, making it early to work was difficult because of those rains. now, we haven't even seen a cloud on the distant sky.
D earth really is heating up.

anyway, setting up that pond sounds like a fun thing to look forward to.

John Gray said...

your lawn looks way better than ours!!!!