Monday, December 27, 2010


The Mallards were there first, but just as I got to the window, the Turkey Ladies came running over from the woods.  They looked like tiny velocoraptors and I thought that the ducks would fly away.  They just sat there, though.  I guess the draw of the food was stronger than fear of the strange creatures running towards them.  I just wish I had gotten a shot of that.
In my town, you can't have chickens unless you have at least five acres, and have a working farm.  I guess I'll just have to make do with these guys.


Sharon said...

That's so nice, they know where to come! I'll bet if you had a water tank that would stay warm, you would have a whole lot more visitors (and have to buy more food!) I think these are great pictures!

Vicki Lane said...

Beautiful shots! The turkey ladies are quite elegant-looking.

texwisgirl said...

They are so wonderful! I love that these "wild" ones come up to feed - like lions and zebras at the watering hole. Ha!

Cindi said...

great pic...what fun to see the Turkey gals!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Looks like a Feathered Fiesta!

What a silly poultry rule...should be argued and changed. Just makes no sense at all.
Even some big cities are permitting folks to have 2-4 hens in a backyard.

We are certainly not a working farm and we only have 3 acres here. But we want to raise chickens to provide a source of food for our family...not to mention the pet aspect of chickens.

Hey! Maybe get a doctor's note claiming that chickens provide a sense of well being and help lower blood pressure? :)

A Chicken Prescription!


ps SOOC = Straight Out Of Camera

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Great shots Louise!! You know I'd love to have chickens too, but will have to settle with hearing from those that do...Maybe someday for both of us!!

By the way, NO snow here in this part of Virginia--We totally dodged the bullet...I was hoping we wouldn't!

Madi and Mom said...

MOL well I don't have any poultry out my rear window just fowl!! Due to all the snow, Mom decided to give the birdies a treat today. She put out 1/2 loaf of white bread crumbs this morning all the birdies love it. We have lots of seed out too but they really liked the bread crumbs. We love the view from your rear window.

Chickens in the city: Oddly enough chicken coups have become quite vogue in Raleigh. Funny thing is they are in the ritzy section of Raleigh basically in the middle of the city. They are allowed acreage is not a problem. They even have a Tour de Coup in the spring. LOL
Madi and Mom

Terry said...

Oooo, I love the turkey ladies! Denver had a similar poultry ban, but with a grass-root movement, poultry is allowed now. There are some restrictions for noise (roosters) and cock fighing is prohibited, thank God.

AJ-OAKS said...

We as the human race need to follow what the turkeys and ducks are doing and that is getting along.
Great pics.
I am guessing you don't watch much television with what you see out your window! I'd much rather watch your channel than anything on television. :)

Canyon Girl said...

I love that crowd and they seem to get along just fine. It must be wonderful to have those turkey ladies come and visit. All I see around here now are ravens.--Inger

Judith said...

Great pictures. How wonderful to have such interesting visitors. That poultry ban seems ridiculous and unnecessarily strict. I wonder what harm "they" think a few hens will do?

KB said...

I love it! I've never had ducks at my feeders but I have had wild turkeys. Ours seem a little bigger than yours (turkeys) but it could just be perspective. Very cool photos!