Sunday, December 12, 2010

Out of My Rear Window 12/12/10

Ahhhhhh, snow!  So beautiful to look at, so incredibly difficult to deal with.  It's raining lightly today, and the feeders are quiet.  Only this one little squirrel has braved the elements to get his breakfast.  Poor thing, his fur is all spiky from the rain.
The downside of a beautiful, white and fluffy snowfall is the aftermath.  The plows go through on the road, and my plow guy digs up chunks of my lawn.  Things get to looking pretty scruffy and you just wish it would all melt.  But, no fear, we're due for another big storm Monday and Tuesday.

This past week has been extremely busy.  The quarantine at the track is winding down, and people aren't so worried any more.  So, buying has, thankfully, picked up.  Last Monday, I didn't get to eat anything except a banana until about 6 PM because the phone was glued to my ear and I was on the computer constantly.  And, those who know me know that missing a meal is something I very seldom do.  The rest of the week has been almost as busy.  But, I'm very glad because it means that many horses are going to good new homes.  Last year, the FLTAP Trainer's Listings placed 92 horses.  I did a very rough count last night and, I think that, so far, we have placed somewhere in the neighborhood of 103 horses this year.  And, we're not done yet! 

This is the last week the backside will be open, so, by the end of the week, things should be back to some semblance of order.  I've missed everyone, and can't wait to find the time to catch up on what you all are doing.  One of the posts that I want to make when I have more time is to show you some of the wonderful horses that we have placed this year.  But, just as a teaser, here is one lovely creature who recently went to a new home in Canada.  Meet Divorced Decision.  His new young lady came down to meet him last week.  She had him picked out from the listings, and found that, in person, he was even nicer.  By next year, she hopes that he will be showing Canada just what a Finger Lakes horse is capable of.



texwisgirl said...

Oh those long legs! Glad he found a great new home! Congrats on your placements! What a rewarding job you're doing!

Stay warm!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Hi Louise! We had a little bit of snow here on Friday and it was gone in an hour--Only rain in our forecast. My feeders are very busy and I continue to wonder if that's an indication of what may be to come.

The horse is amazing and I'm glad he's had a 'soft' landing!!

Sharon said...

Hi Louise!

You have been busy! It's great that you all have placed more horses! You've had some long days - a banana? Whew! Divorced Decision is a fine looker!

Dirty snow.. yuk! A clean cover will probably be welcome (not here though) You will be having a white Christmas. :-)

Poor little squirrel! I wonder what they think of the cold and snow?

Happy Sunday now!


Janet said...

I`ve fallen in love again ! he is a beauty ! glad you have found him a good home x

Vicki Lane said...

Congratulations on so many horses going to good homes! Well done!

Canyon Girl said...

The Finger Lakes horses are truly blessed to have people like you in their corner. The neighborhood photos look so very East Coast to me and the houses remind me of Princeton.--Inger

Terry said...

Wow, you've done a great job, Louise. Congratulations. Now get some rest and some food!
The streets look like a slushy mess, but the neighborhood looks lovely.

Jabacue said...

Still waiting, patiently, for our first snowfall! We seem to be getting mostly rain.
Yes, i agree with Inger....your town looks very East Coast!