Thursday, February 4, 2010

Summer Visitors

All I'm getting at my birdfeeder right now are small birds, squirrels and that darn infestation of mallard ducks, which now numbers about 75 nightly. Even the occasional deer has stopped showing up, because the ducks strip everything clean. I do get some pretty cardinals.

But, I miss all of the different critters I see in better weather. I especially miss the raccoons. Varmints, I know, but the cutest things ever. Last year I had a Mother and her babies visit regularly.

Mom wasn't afraid of anything, but the babies could be a little shy, especially when another kind of critter came to the feeder. They could climb that tree really quickly.

But, eventually, they would all settle down to peacefully coexist. Don't you wish we humans could do the same?

One year, I had a fox family that would play in my back yard every evening. And, one time, I thought I had a wolf, but the DEC man assured me that it was just a big coyote, because there are no wolves around here. Ohhhhhh Kayyyyyyy. If you say so. But, I still wouldn't go out the door after dark, that summer, without making a big clatter first.

Sigh, isn't it great to live where you can look out of your windows and see critters of all kinds?


1 a day for 365? Really? said...

Yes it is. I've had deer, turkeys, hawks in my birdbath--even a flying squirrel once. I'm not sure which one of us was more frightened. I was cleaning out bird houses and opened one and he woke up in a hurry! LOL I did get a pic of him and got to see him "fly". It was very cool.

foundationmare said...

What do you do to get such gorgeous green grass? Your yard looks like a golf course!

Louise said...

LOL, foundationmare. I always say I don't care what I have, as long as it's green. My "lawn" is mainly weeds, clover and a little bit of left over grass. I don't fertilize, and I don't have it cut until it is actually a little overgrown. Flowers are much more important, and I'd rather spend my time on them.