Saturday, February 20, 2010

New Camera

I got a new camera today, a Flip. I'll use it primarily to take videos of the horses that we will be listing this season for the Finger Lakes Thoroughbred Adoption Program, but you'll see some occasional videos here too.

Man, though, I wish I was more electronically oriented. It took me the entire afternoon to figure out how to do this.

Sigh, I have to work on my vocal presentation.


Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

over 5 acres and must be a working farm? Louise, you must live in a snooty, swanky town. Nowadays, lots of folks who live in metro areas have chickens.

You don't have an ordinary backyard, its lovely, especially with the deep woods in the back.

You did great on the video. Did you upload to YouTube and bring the html over to Blogger?

Louise said...

I don't know about swanky, but I'll go along with snotty. You should have heard the guy when I called him to find out what I needed to do. "Other people have tried to get a variance, but no one has succeeded."

I couldn't get it over to YouTube. I finally figured out that the Flip has a conversion program. Once I did that, I was able to download the video directly from my files to the blog.

AJ-OAKS said...

Hi Lousie! Since you stopped by my blog ( A little farm with a big heart) Ihad to come on over to yours. I love your About Me page. Cracked me up. You have quite the sense of humor! Love it. And hugs to you for helping adopt racehorses. Anyone who helps animals in any way is my kind of person. Oh, I read the previous post about the bed and the cats. Fantastic. Have to admit after hearing that you have to have five acres to have chickens, my first thought was just like Joanna's. Snooty, upitty, folks there in your town. You go girl and get that variance and have your chickens!And when you start getting farm fresh eggs, just smile everytime you take a bite knowing how wonderful they are. :) Beautiful yard by the way. Great job with the video.