Friday, February 26, 2010

Finally! A Real Snowstorm.

Yup, I'm nuts. But, some of us Northerners really love our snow. I have been waiting all winter for us to get a real snow, not these piddling three or four inches that we have been getting.

By the beginning of the week, it looked like we were going to finally get lucky. And, by yesterday, it was a dead certainty. I checked my Coleman lantern, got out my cold weather sleeping bag, and made sure I had plenty of food in the pantry. AOK, I was ready to go.

Yesterday morning the view out of my window looked like this. Just a soft little snow falling.

I waited all day, but it was still just that soft little snow. By evening, though, the snow and the wind had picked up.

All night, the snow picked up in intensity. This morning that same view looked like this.

It's still snowing, but less intensely now. The flakes are big and soft and it's really beautiful coming down. Sigh, not a "blinger" of a storm, but at least a respectable amount. I didn't have to use the Coleman lantern, or the sleeping bag, as we didn't lose electricity, but I can't wait to go out and play in the snow. I have to do that pretty soon, because the birdfeeder is covered with snow, and the birds can't get any seed.

You see, this is why I retired, so I could either sit inside, safe and warm, or go outside and mess around in the snow. I just don't have to DRIVE in it, along with all of the idiots out there.


BlueRidge Boomer said...

Yes!....yes!....yes!!...that's the "cool" part of being retired!!....even though i work for the state parks service part-time....i have Dec-March off......yeah!!.....don't have to go out!!!

Stay safe and warm....LindaMay

Cat said...

Yes, I think retirement works quite well for people, my father retired, and I remember the first ice storm that occured, he just got a cup of coffee and sat, grinning, looking out the window. (He was a telephone repairman, and usually had to work on repairing downed lines.) My husband is semi-retired, and I notice a lot less stress about the driving!

Enjoy your snow,

1 a day for 365? Really? said...

And that is why I try to take the time off from work when I housesit in the winter. Even if there is a lot to do to clean it up, the stress of not having to clean it up on a timetable is not missed.