Saturday, February 6, 2010

At the Birdfeeder

I've been puttering around the house all day. As I have done so, I have kept an eye out on the birdfeeder. It's been a busy day.

In for a landing. Look how the tail angles downwards, to slow him down, I guess.

I'm always amazed at how bright red cardinals are.

Besides Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal, I was very surprised to see this Titmouse on the ground. Usually, they land on the feeder, grab a seed and fly away, like the second picture.

They look like Christmas ornaments, don't they? They're always in the lilac bushes, if they're not on the ground under the feeder.

This last wasn't exactly a welcome sight. I have continued to be inundated with mallard ducks in the evening. You literally cannot count them, but I would guess that there are now 50 or more. This is, however, the first time I have seen them during the day. Let's hope that's not going to become a habit, as well.

And, a couple of random pictures, just because I love birds.

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