Saturday, January 30, 2010

Story of a Rescue Mare

Those of you who post on COTH, shhhhhh. Over there, I am "the anonymous donor."

Earlier, I blogged about the fact that I was a volunteer for the Finger Lakes Thoroughbred Adoption Program. As such, I'm in contact with the members of a lot of other placement and rescue organizations. We try to keep each other informed about things that might concern various groups.

Around Thanksgiving, last year, I was contacted by a rescue organization that helps place horses that are in the kill pen at a notorious auction in New Holland, PA. This mare had raced at Finger Lakes and they wanted to give me a heads up that she was there. I knew the name. She was a lovely creature named Ducky's Ho Oh, who we had listed, in 2007. And she had sold, the trainer thought, to a very good home. Apparently not.

Well, I did NOT want her to go to slaughter. Luckily, a woman I knew, in Virginia, said she could take her, but she didn't have the money to buy and transport her. So, I gave a big sigh, spent the money, and told all of my friends that their Christmas present would be very small because I had spent it all on a horse. I have good friends. They were all glad that I did what I did.

Here she is when she first arrived at my friend's farm. The white stuff all over her is Gold Bond Medicated Powder because she had a severe case of rain rot, a fungus that attacks the skin. She was also loaded with worms, had a wound on her knee, a wire cut on her leg and was pretty skinny.

My friend is a wonderful horsewoman. Here is Ducky a few days ago. Notice the big belly.

Well, there is a reason for that big belly. Ducky is pregnant. And my friend is tickled pink. At first, we didn't know who the baby daddy was, and were speculationg on everything from a Thoroughbred, to a Quarter Horse, to a donkey. But, we since found out that it is, indeed, a Thoroughbred. She won't be able to register it because the guy who owned the stallion and Ducky is being a @##$%$^^& about it, but she doesn't care. She hasn't had a baby to raise in a long time, and is looking forward to it.

So that's the story. It's not ended yet, and won't be for many years to come. Instead of going to slaughter, Ducky will become a Mommy and will have many happy years with good people to take care of her.

And, yes, I will post pictures of the baby, though it won't be born until sometime around June or July.


Upupaepops said...

I assume you share the name of the original "adopter" around so they cannot get more horses

So glad you were there for this sweet looking mare.

And yes, photos are a must

Louise said...

Oh don't worry. We have plans for this jerk. That includes so many "cheery" updates about Ducky and the foal, that he'll wish he never heard the word "Thoroughbred." And, of course, his name will be spread all over the backside this coming season, just in case.

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

I actually didn't read the post because if animal abuse/neglect was involved I become too emotional, ready to gun down somebody. I've sat in court cases and never seen much of nothing done to these people. Don't hold your breath thinking they'll "pay."