Friday, January 22, 2010

New Glasses

Get a life, Louise! I can just hear people saying that, because I'm blogging about getting new glasses. Does it make a difference if I say that these are the first glasses that I have purchased in over 30 years?

I always had an office in the factory. And, in the factory, you had to have safety glasses, which the company provided. They certainly weren't fancy, especially in the beginning, but they were serviceable. So, being the thrifty (aka cheap) person that I am, I made do.

My eye insurance lasts for six weeks after I quit working, and I haven't had a new pair of glasses for a couple of years, so yesterday I did the deed, while I still had the insurance. Insurance paid for the exam, but I had to buy the glasses. Talk about sticker shock! Luckily, I found a frame on clearance that I liked, for 50% off. And, because of that, I got 50% off of the lenses, also. Still, I gulped a bit as I shelled out the money.

But, they're quite spiffy, I think, and I can't get over how light they are. Plus, I can read again, without having to take my glasses off! And, yes, as you can probably tell from the thickness of the lenses in the picture, I'm as blind as a bat without them.


IsobelleGoLightly said...

ooh! You'll be able to see me very clearly, Auntie Louise! Even when I'm waaaay out in the pasture! hee hee

foundationmare said...

Wellll, I'm looking for a place that will accept my insurance. I've never had prescription eyeglasses, but my time has come. I use 1.50 mag reading glasses and they do the trick, but I have a hunch that I require more than that. My eyesight took a nosedive over the past year and, yeah, I admit to being conveniently clueless because I am way too young to need glasses...haha...the angels of reason and reality are dogging me!

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

I hope you didn't purchase the glasses at the same place you got your exam, that's always a ripoff.

My insurance pays for the exam too, actually a $30 copay but I have to purchase the glasses out-of-pocket.

Louise said...

Wow! Well, I did. I bought from Lenscrafters. Have you ordered from this place, Joanna? And, You're happy with the glasses? I paid a lot more than those prices.