Sunday, January 10, 2010

Enough Big Chill

That's about enough, for a day or so, about beautiful New York State in winter. You can only take so many pictures of white, grey and slate blue. Not that I don't love looking out the window at it, and going out all bundled up.

The air in winter here has a clean, crisp smell to it. And, with all of the shoveling I have had to do lately, I have had plenty of chances to take a big whiff or 15. Dang, I'm out of shape. Four or five shovelfuls, and I have to stop and puff for a bit.

But, most of my time has been spent inside. I have given myself a week to just hang around, doing, basically, nothing. I have read, played on the computer and, of course, taken long and lovely naps every day. The week's about up, and I have to get cracking.

The cats are enjoying having me home, so far. I expect that to change after the begin to figure out that this is it, from now on. Cats are private creatures and I expect that they will get sick of me being around after a while. Tough noogies

But, last night, Rachael was being cute. She does it on purpose, I'm sure. Everyone tells me that she is a beautiful little cat, and I think she knows it. She does know how to pose.

Meanwhile, my garbageman, Leon, was out in the kitchen, scarfing up what bits of food the other cats had left behind. I have to put Rachael and him in a bedroom to eat, because they eat very fast, and then come and chase my older cats away from their food. And, when I open the door, Leon always high tails it to the kitchen, to see if he can find leftovers.

Becky is a little scared of him, but, he fascinates her, so she hides and watches.

And, Gina makes sure she is on the table, so that she can pounce, if necessary.

Now, isn't that ridiculous? I just realized that I was making sure that I had pictures of all four cats up. Like, I didn't want to slight any of them. I'm sure they care.

Well, they say that the sun is going to come out today, so maybe I can get some pictures that aren't so dark. I had better stop exercising my fingers and get on with the day. It is, after all, my last day of total irresponsibility.

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Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

Your cats look like they haven't missed any meals, very healthy eyes. Yes, I'll follow you on your retirement. I worked at the same place for 25+ years but I don't retire with health insurance so I keep hanging on. We'll be seeing ya Louise.