Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Following a Deer Trail

Every time it snows, I see the deer tracks in my yard, and want to follow them into the woods around my house, to see where they will lead. The time has never been quite right. But, today, I decided that it was the day.

So, I bundled up in my winter clothes and ventured out with my camera. It's been cold here, and the snow is light, soft, and it sparkles in the faint sunlight. The tracks lead me deeper and deeper into the woods. The going wasn't hard, and I went farther and farther towards the water. It was still there, with everything silent as I passed. I didn't see any living creatures, but I found an indentation in the snow where a deer had spent the night. Brrrrr, no place that I would like to sleep. I took a picture of it, and I hope you can see the spot.

Finally, I came to a spot where the slope grew dramatically steeper. The deer trail continued on, but I decided that I had enough adventuring for one day, and I didn't need to add a tumble down the slope to my list of accomplishments. I turned and headed back.

All in all, a very successful adventure for my first day of retirement.


Upupaepops said...

love the wasp nest photo

Do you have snowshoes. sounds like a wowrthy investment. They might be easy to find used in your area.

Louise said...

Yup, snowshoes are a must, if I am going to be doing much winter hiking. I really wanted to get down to the water yesterday. It occurred to me that, in spite of living here my entire life, I have never seen it up close in the winter time.