Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New Visitors to the Feeder

There's not much going on today, and I'm tied to the house, to the phone and the computer, trying to get some horses matched with new owners.  So, I thought you might like to see a couple of new visitors that have shown up at the bird feeder.

This little skunk came around a few nights ago, and has been showing up ever since.  I think it must be one of this year's crop.  He's a cute little bugger.  It's certainly not the big, beautiful, almost all white skunk that has been coming to the feeder for a couple of years.  That one always show up when it's too dark to get a picture.

And, the grackles are mobbing, another sign of approaching Fall.  They're beautiful birds, but, they sure can clean out the feeding area quickly.

I like this picture of them taking flight when something startled them.  It's blurry, but it always amazes me how in sync they are.

From now, until the first part of December, you may notice that my postings become more erratic, and that I'm not commenting on blogs as much.  This is the busy season at the track.  There are lots of trainers who need to place horses, and not enough homes for all of them.  So, I spend a lot of my time hustling.

If any of you want a nice TB, now is the time to consider it.  Shipping isn't a problem, and may not be as expensive as you think.  Just throwing that out there as a half serious, half joke thing. ;-D  John, you're exempt anyways, shipping to Great Britain is definitely out of the range of possibility.


AJ-OAKS said...

I applause and commend you on the hard work you do to place TB. My first horse was a TB and she was fabulous. If I remember right you are on Facebook right? Do you post the horses that need homes on FB? If not, you should. There are so many folks who rescue/adopt horses from FB.
Love the pics of the birds.

Sharon said...

The skunk is adorable! The grackle don't seem to mind, having to share with a squirrel. We have the same thing around here, only with starlings. They can clean out the feeder in a matter of minutes. Make a noise and whosh! All gone!
So nice of you to help finding homes for those beautiful horses!


Vicki Lane said...

Lovely pictures! The little skunk makes me think of a solitary fluffy bedroom slipper.

Upupaepops said...

if the day comes I will look at finger lakes for a nice little rehab project

Tina said...

What a smelly but oh so cute dinner guest.

Judith said...

I guess shipping to New Zealand is also out of the question!

Louise said...

If that day comes, Upupaepops, I'll find the best one I can for you.

Sigh, Judith, forgot about New Zealand. Probably is too expensive, lol.

Terry said...

Nice! We had a skunk family under a barn years ago - too cute. They would all troop out in a line like little duckies.

barefootheart said...

We had a skunk living under our front porch one summer. We never bothered it (!) and it never bothered us. We enjoyed seeing it until the day it must have decided to find a wintering spot and moved on.

Good luck with your home search. That's a wonderful project to take on, and not an easy one, I wouldn't think.