Thursday, September 16, 2010

It's Official

Fall is here.  Yesterday I raked up four wheelbarrow loads of leaves from under the linden tree.  And, this morning, I turned the furnace on.

The leaves are just beginning to turn.  The lilacs are fading.  They will hang on, however, and be one of the last to go.

The Forsythia are showing signs of turning.

The Sundrops are finished, and just waiting for me to go out and cut them down.

They have left behind, however, the rosettes that will be next year's plants.

The Pokeberry that I left to grow by the side of the barn is huge, and beginning to fall over now.  I really like this plant, that provides nourishment for so many of the wild critters.  Next year, I'll let more of them grow.

This little nest has raised its young and done its job.  I'm not quite sure what kind of bird made it.  Its not quite big enough for a Robin's nest, though it is put together like one.  It fell out of my old Pine tree.  That tree always serves as home for any number of birds.

I just noticed that another kind creature that the Pine tree homed this year were the Paper Wasps in this huge nest.  It is hanging right over the birdbath that I filled every day, and I never noticed it.  I guess if they haven't caused any trouble for the entire summer, I'll just let them be.

Now, the Fall flowers start.  My Asters and Mums aren't blooming yet, though they are getting close.  But this Devilweed (not the correct name, just what my Dad called it because the darn stuff is so hard to eradicate) is in full bloom.  Pity it's such a pernicious plant, because it really is quite beautiful in bloom.

Fall is such a marvelous season, with its beauty and its changeability.  I'm glad it's here, and that I'll have the time to really enjoy it this year.


Tina said...

So I guess it's like we thought....early spring, early summer means early fall. It really was surprising to see so many fallen leaves already, and they haven't really turned colour yet, at least around here, but they are falling like snow from the sky.

Sharon said...

I would be glad, if it would just show up here! Had 95 yesterday, we still have the "UGH!" Our leaves are falling, but because they dried up, no pretty colors. Maybe we will get some rain and the remaining leaves will have a chance to be pretty for us.
That Devilweed is pretty!
You sure you want to leave the wasp nest there???

Vicki Lane said...

Oh yes, still warmish here but the plants know what time of year it is. I love the way poke weed looks -- such magnificent color!

Terry said...

I think you're a little ahead of us, but we'll catch up. We'll probably go straight in to winter! Boo!

Tammy said...

Summer is still holding on here, although you can tell a difference at night. The 'fall feel' is creeping in no matter how warm it insists on getting. We've had lots of rain over the past couple of days so it's very green. Love that you are letting the poke berries grow! They are all over the place here. I need to whack them out of the fenceline and put them on the brushpile. They should still be a feed source for awhile though. I've also heard they make a great natural dye for wool fiber! ;-)

IsobelleGoLightly said...

Yummy leaves! It was down to 42 degrees in the hollow last night. I was toasty warm with my lovely fur!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Fall has also arrived in Virginia, but thankfully the turning on the furnace has not, and I am hoping it won't until October sometime! We do have the prettiest yellow flowers blooming on the sides of the road and in the fields right now, that I "think" emphasis on "think" may be Jerusalem Artichoke--???--It's the only flower I can find that looks like it that blooms from August thru October. Whatever it is, it's bright yellow color is so nice to see!

Flartus said...

Oh, how I wish I could have your leaves! We only have one decent-sized deciduous tree on our property. I have yet to become bold enough to ask our neighbors for their leaves--maybe this year!

I never knew that was pokeberry! It grew all over the place where I grew up, but I didn't have a name for it. So there ya go, ya learned me something today. :)

AJ-OAKS said...

You turned the furnace on! It is still in the 80's here in Oregon so furnace time is a bit away. Thought you can smell Fall in the air and the tress are just beginning to change colors.
Your yard is just beautiful.

barefootheart said...

Hmm. I saw that shrub everywhere when we were down in Pennsylvania and southern N.Y. I wonder what it is? It doesn't seem to grow around S Ont. Very pretty. Devil Weed is an AKA for marijuana LOL.
I've resisted turning the furnace on, but sure could have enjoyed some heat.
The wasp nest could be Bald-faced Hornets (Dolichovespula maculata). They all die in the winter, except the queens, who find a place under bark, etc, for the winter and start the cycle all over again in the spring.

Adirondackcountrygal said...

We have turned our furnace on briefly too in the mornings just to take off the chill. I'm glad we qualify for HEAP or trying to pay the propane bill will be impossible! I have seen those types of nests before too, the wasps. They are pretty impressive. Some people collect them after the bees die off and display them. It looks like yours is around some branches however. I love the fall asters. I am thinking about bringing in a couple of my begonias and seeing if I can overwinter them. I have a new butterfly bush and have to see if I should cut it back after frost or wait until spring.