Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Break From Traveling

Mainly because the Turkey Ladies were back.  This time, I was better at sneaking up to the window, and managed to get a good picture of them.  They look like they're in pretty good shape to me.

They weren't the only birds at the feeder this morning.  The Goldfinch are around, in abundance.  After largely ignoring the niger seed feeders all summer, they have now decided that they are a lot more attractive.  I see another sign of Fall, here.  The boys are still wearing their golden summer finery, but it is getting tattered and shabby looking now.  Some of them are well on the way to sporting their Winter drab.

Yesh!  Looks like I need to clean those feeders off.  Is that something growing in the bottom of that niger seed feeder?


Sharon said...

Good Morning Louise! Looks like those turkey ladies are getting fat and sassy! Hmm, maybe something IS growing in the bottom of that feeder. I need to get new seed for my feeder, I have missed watching the birds, somebody is going to have to cut the bush back though, or I won't be able to watch!

Have a great day!

Madi and Mom said...

OH my Cats if Madi and I saw those turkeys at our feeders we'd probably faint!!!

Feeder maintenance can be a full time job. We are also noticing the male g-finches are not quite as brilliant as they were. Feeder activity has picked up too.

Happy Wednesday
Madi and Mom

AJ-OAKS said...

Hello turkey ladies! Great pic of them.
I used to have feeders out for the birds, but with all the cats I decided it was unfair for the birds to be easy prey.

tipper said...

How cool are the turkeys!! So neat that they come to your feeder : )

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

What a terrific shot of the turkey ladies! I've been noticing our gold finch as well, and how hungry they all the birds seem to be the last week or so--Even the hummingbirds are around!

Cold here in Virginia, with lots of rain on the way, ready or not, fall is here! :-)

John Gray said...

scary if you arn't usedto turkeys!
wonderful birds!!!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Yes, looks like some yummy greens are sprouting. I used to like to bring my horse down in the Spring to munch whatever was sprouting beneath the bird feeders. What a delicious and varied treat!

Those turkey ladies are lovely!


barefootheart said...

Those turkeys have really adopted you.
You're ahead of me. I need to get out and pick up seed. Time to ramp up the feeding program, I guess.

Terry said...

I love the turkey ladies!