Thursday, August 12, 2010

This 'N That

The doctor's appointment went well.  I'm "overweight" but healthy.  And, it actually wasn't as bad as I thought.  I'm just glad it's over.

Tuesday, I took my dear Miss Gina to the Vets, for her yearly checkup.  I'm still waiting for the results of the blood tests, but the physical showed nothing wrong.  I did learn one thing that I had suspected.  According to what the Humane Society told me when I got her five years ago, she should be 11 this year.  I was concerned that she was showing some signs of age so early.  The Vet confirmed that she was older than 11, more like 13.  My lovely Gina Bobina, the Queena the House!  Now I'll cherish each moment with you even more than I already did.

A minor source of worry, the past couple of weeks is that I haven't seen the turkey ladies.  I figured that they had just found something better than cracked corn elsewhere, but I missed them.  A couple of days ago, I looked out, and there they were.  Phew!  I would miss the girls if they left.

When I got home from the doctor's office yesterday, I checked my mail and found my sign from the National Wildlife Federation.  A few weeks ago, I had applied for certification and, as I fulfilled all of their requirements, I was sent a certificate.  I also purchased a sign proclaiming that my yard was a Certified Wildlife Habitat.  That's what came yesterday.  Now, I just have to find a stake and put it up.

Looks like Gina approves.

Now, just one thing to do to get back to normal.  I have to start my walks in earnest again.  I just haven't had the energy to go, with it being so hot and, especially, so humid.  I have a basic aversion to sweating profusely!  Today is supposed to be better, so, maybe, I'll go over to the Big Meadow and see what is going on.


Sharon said...

I hate having to go to the doctor! They usually tell you exactly what you know already. But... they have to sign for the Rx, so what you gonna do?

Gina is still in her prime! The vice-principal at the high school had a 25 year old cat, and A friend of mine got in the papers when hers had a 25th birthday party - and Centy lived long after that!

Wow, how cool is that! Your own wildlife habitat, gee, do you get a tax credit with that? :o) Your turkey ladies are just wonderful, glad they didn't get lost or become dinner!

Have a great day!!!

Tina said...

WIldlife Habitat Certified...that is so neat.....congrats....I don't know nothing about this though...what were the requirements? Should make for an interesting blog entry don't you think? lol I do learn so very much from you all the time.
Your kitty is so adorable.

IsobelleGoLightly said...

Beautiful Gina! You could easily have another ten years with her beauty! Wouldn't it be nice if goats could live a long, long time? I like your sunny turkey ladies! Congratulations on your certification! My lady says we are certified in a different way entirely down here and it has to do with insanity. Tee hee.

Upupaepops said...

yippee to the WH cert. Such an excellent program

Gina's iris' give her away, She has the old cat iris structures.

Get you hip pack your water belt and get out before the coffee breaks in the AM

Don't forget the meteor showers tonight. Drive out to an open northeast sky and revel in the infinite

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Hi Louise!! Glad your appointment went well! Gina is really lovely! Our first cat lived to be almost 20 and I've known of other cats that have lived to that ripe old age too--It's not uncommon especially if they were indoor cats.
That's cool about your property!! I was talking to someone yesterday about becoming a "wildlife rehabilitator" but it's a 2 year apprenticeship and I don't know if I have the right spot to keep a bunny or something like that...We'll see. But I'm glad your girls are back--They must have seen the sign! :-)

Terry said...

That's a beautiful photo of the turkey girls in the sunlight. They know a wonderful wildlife habitat when they see one! Congratulations!
Gina is a lovely girl. Her fur looks as soft as a bunny's.

Gerry's Soap N Stuff said...

I am glad you got a healthy report and hope Miss Gina does, too. She is a beautiful cat and I hope you can enjoy her for many years to come. Yes, you need to get back into your walking program and so do I, but who can walk in this heat? Wheeew. Gerry

Canyon Girl said...

Congratulations on the certificate! Gina can live to a ripe old age. I have the same thing with Princess -- she's aging rapidly and seems much older than the original vet estimated.--Inger