Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Let's All Meet at Louise's House!

It's a beautiful start to what is supposed to be a hot and humid day. I looked out of the window to see quite a few birds at the birdfeeder.

As I stood there watching more showed up.

And, more.

I get the impression that word has gone out in the bird world that Louise is a sucker, and there's always food available.


Anonymous said...

lol....gotta love it. lol....the more the merrier...well not under the bird feeder I presume lol. Yesterday I watched a blue Jay in our yard try to steal a peanut out of the mouth of a squirrel....what a little bugger!
I love to just sit and watch what goes on under the feeders. Don't you? lol well of course you do....-Tina

Sandra said...

Bon apetit!

Roses and Lilacs said...

Your birdseed bills are going to be thru the roof:)

Terry said...

It's a convention!

Jabacue said...

Lucky you to have all those birds!
Now to get those pics of yours larger:
1. Go to Dashboard
2. Click on Settings
3. Scroll down to Select Post Editor
4. If you are on Old Editor, choose Updated Editor
5. Click Save Settings....this is very important to do so.

And just for fun you can click on Latest Features beside Updated Editor.

Good luck....if you get 'lost' let me know.

Sharon said...

I do love it when everyone comes to lunch! Tha cat looks out the window and cracks away with her sarcasm - What do your cats have to say about all the visitors?

Great pictures!

Canyon Girl said...

Love those squirrels in the middle of it all. Isn't it nice to make so many critters happy?--Inger

sophie said...

Hey Louise....it's Sophie...and the guys say there just could be seaglass(lakeglass)on the shores near a well used shipping area or wharf. You just may get lucky.

Squirrels used to bother my older sister but I pay no attention to them...just me!

Cindi said...

good pics!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Hi Louise!! It's so nice to be back and be able to catch up on blogs like yours that I missed reading while I was gone! I love this about the birds and squirrels--They always have friends, don't they?

I also enjoyed the pictures of your walk which included "Joe-Pye weed." You'll recall I posted a picture asking if that was what it was, and I knew you would be the one to tell me for sure if it was--THANKS for that!! I saw quite a bit of it along the road in West Virginia and Kentucky and I could see the butterflies on it too--I can see why people would like it close to their house-Any excuse to enjoy a butterfly or two or three or four! :-)))

Anonymous said...

I've had turkeys at my birdfeeder the last few days...no pictures yet...but I thought of you and your visitors.