Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Getting a Little Goosey

The Turkey Ladies may not have any poults to bring to the feeder this year, but, yesterday, the Canada Geese decided to make up for it.  I heard the honking, looked out of the window, and, there they were.  I think it's two families.  I loved the way that the adult geese stood guard while the kids ate.
You never saw such hungry kids.  They ate until I didn't know what they were finding any more.  Then, the kids started to settle down for their after breakfast naps.
And, finally, they all decided to take a snooze.
The geese stayed around the yard for most of the morning.  I have to admit that they are fun to watch.  I enjoyed the way that they all interacted with each other.

I did not, however, enjoy what I found when I went out later in the day.  I actually had to get out the snow shovel and run it all up and down my driveway, to get rid of all of the messy droppings that the geese had left behind.

So far, no sign of them today.  Cute as they are, I hope they don't make visiting here a daily habit.


Sharon said...

Great pictures! It isn't every day you get company like that, and yes, guests do tend to leave a mess in their wake.

Vicki Lane said...

Yep, we raised geese once. They are prolific poopers.

We don't get any Canada Goose visitors but there is a large flock that enjoys a nearby riverside pasture.

Terry said...

What good parents.
You are indeed a wildlife habitat.

Anonymous said...

Oh oh..what a sight...watch out that you won't get overrun by them soon....they have a way of spreading the good word around. You know how it goes....news can travel quickly. And too you still want to enjoy your backyard without being hissed at with every move you make...They are beautiful that's for sure and I always love watching them, especially fly in formation.-Tina

barefootheart said...

A lovely family. Too bad they are so messy! An occasional visit so you can admire them is all you need.

John Gray jgsheffield@hotmail.com said...

thank you so much for your message to janet's blog.

I appreciate your kindness

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I wouldn't mind seeing more pictures of them, but I totally understand about the mess--Aren't their parents teaching them anything?? :-)