Thursday, June 3, 2010

Walks This Week

So far, two walks this week. One at my favorite, Whiting Road, on the Red Trail. The other was at Ganondagon, which is a state park, where the history and the lifestyle of the Seneca Indian is celebrated. That would have been a better walk if I hadn't gotten confused and thought that the service road was one of the trails. Oh well, I still saw some things, and got some power walking in.

Monday, on the Red Trail. The multiflora rose is in full bloom in some places. It's very beautiful, for an invasive. But, I know from my own experience around my place that, once it gets a foothold, it is almost impossible to eradicate.

Bird's foot Trefoil. I've always wondered what this is. It grows everywhere along the roadsides here.

Barren Strawberry

Budding Milkweed

Here are some portions of the path that I took. The Red Trail is mainly deep woods, but, I took an extension that I had not taken before and found that it lead through a different part of the Great Meadow.


Great Meadow

There are some parts of the path that you really have to be careful on. In some places, the roots of trees are right across the path.

And then, there are these evil steps. I wonder whose bright idea this was? The darn thing wobbles, and this fat old lady has already come to dread them. One of these days, I'm afraid I'm going to do a face plant off of them.

There are grasses everywhere that are full of pollen. Wonder why you're sneezing?

Then, there are these things that I am struggling to identify. This strangling vine really has me stumped. I know what it's not, but I can't figure out what it is.

This plant may be easier to identify when it come into bloom.

This shrub has the prettiest little yellowish cream flower, but, what it is, I don't know.

All in all, a lovely walk on a hot Memorial Day. There were a few more people there than normal, but everyone was very cheery and polite.

Yesterday, I had to take a quick trick to the track, to take more pictures of this lovely lady.

Hopefully, they are good enough so that the lady who is interested in her ends up buying her.

As I was out that way, I decided to walk a trail at Ganandagon. As I said, I got messed up and ended up walking on a service road. Duh! Oh well, still a pretty walk.

I got a lovely shot of an ox-eyed daisy.

And the yellow hawkweed was in bloom everywhere.

And, I found two more mystery shrubs. I'm having a really hard time identifying shrubs. But, these both had pretty flowers, and there were tons of them on this path.

That top one almost looks like some kind of lilac, doesn't it? But, the leaves are wrong.

And, I'll leave you with this shot of the authentic longhouse there. I wonder how warm they were in our cold, snowy winters?

Tomorrow -- Whiting Road, the Orange Trail -- The Great Meadow -- This is evolving into my favorite walk, but, this time, I'm remembering the sunscreen.


AJ-OAKS said...

Ooooh, I love going 'with' you on your nature walks. So peaceful and beautiful with all the foilage growing.
Longhouse? What is a Longhouse? I love old buildings. Is there a story with this one?

IsobelleGoLightly said...

I'd say someone was very thoughtful to place that wonderful goat jumping log there on your trail, Auntie Louise. Actually those nutsy mountain bikers love those log steps! tee hee

Louise said...

AJ-OAKS, a Longhouse is the traditional home of the Iroquois Indians who lived in this area of the country. Here's a good site that tells all about them.

Sharon said...

I can't get over your stamina on these long walks! Such pretty flowers and shrubs! Yes, even my nose twitches at all that pollen. Those are some crazy steps, I imagine some guy thought they would be interesting. The woods look so cool and inviting, probably aren't this time of year, huh?

Upupaepops said...

trust your foot

When i am traversing aread my mind feels unsure of I say this to myself.

Tina said...

OMG, you so make me want to go out hiking every day. Too bad I get so lost on trails like that.

Roses and Lilacs said...

That log looks like the cross country at the KY horse park--except they don't notch their logs:) My mind is completely empty today so I can't even offer a guess on your mystery plants. Have a great weekend and avoid the poison ivy:)

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I wonder how many people walk that same trail and never see half of the beautiful things you have--What a treat to have a place like this to enjoy!!

John Gray said...

you certinly know your plants..a mine of inofrmation

Terry said...

A lovely walk in the woods - Thanks!