Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Walk

They were predicting pouring rain on Wednesday (and they were right) so I walked the trails Monday and Tuesday this week. Monday, I had a lot of errands to run, so by the time I got to the trails it was quite late. I decided to forgo the largest part of the Red Trail, and did some short cutting.

Blue Trail, Yellow Trail, Part of the Red Trail, Part of the Orange Trail.

I started out on the Blue Trail. I haven't posted a picture of this before. It's the old smokehouse that the original owners of the property used back in the day. It was refurbished a few years ago by a local Girl Scout troop.

Looky what I found near the smokehouse. Daylilies! These look yellow in the picture, but they really aren't yet. I suspect they are common road lilies, but won't know for sure until they come out. If the deer don't get them first.

From the Blue Trail, I diverted to the Yellow Trail. This trail is very similar to the Red Trail, but not nearly as long. I found this bunchgrass there. It's so pretty that I almost wouldn't mind having it in my garden.

There are some lovely trees along this trail, also.

From the Yellow Trail, I jigged onto the Great Meadow part of the Red Trail.

All of the berries are setting now.




The Common Milkweed is in bloom.

As is the Privet, which is yet another invasive, this time a hedge bush gone wild. I'm beginning to think that you can always tell an invasive, because it's so pretty.

And, a turn onto the Orange Trail, heading back towards the Trailhead.

I found this tiny plant. The picture isn't good enough for me to be able to identify it, but I thought it was so pretty, with the seedpods forming a translucent halo around the tiny flowers.

The grass is heavy with pollen.

And, my find of the day was on the Orange Trail. On the many times I have been trying to identify flowers, I had come upon pictures of Butter and Eggs. I thought it was so beautiful, and I wondered if I would ever see it live. Monday, I did.

Then, it was back on the Blue Trail.

Here is the mystery plant of this trip. I don't even know if it's a very small tree, or a very large plant. But, it's been catching my eye every time I walk this part of the trail.

As I reached the Trailhead, I could hear some bird who was obviously very upset at all of the people around. I stood still, and hoped that it would appear, but there were too many other people around and the bird stayed hidden. I was scanning the tree where the bird was, and I did find the reason it was so upset. Can you see the nest up there in the branches?

So, my attempt to shorten my walk was a failure. I ended up staying there almost two hours, and was very tired, and hungry, when I got home.

You know, I was going to do both walks on one post, but this is getting long. I think I'll save the Tuesday walk for tomorrow.


Tina said...

Ok, you know what you have inspired me to go hiking and I have been itching to do so, but as of yet haven't done it...but right now it's sunny outside, so I think I will just do that. I kind of want to go at least once a week. Thanks Louise.

Roses and Lilacs said...

Loved seeing the butter and eggs. Never seen it growing wild in my area. It sure is pretty.

The elders here are just now blooming and the milkweed hasn't started blooming yet. Those are two of my favorites. Sorry, your little tree looks familiar but I can't id it. Are the leaves growing in a pattern like three five or eight leaflets?

Louise said...
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Louise said...

Let's try that again. Got my fingers on the wrong keys and posted gibberish.

Tina, you should take it up. That one post on your blog, of your walk on the beach, was lovely. Just make sure you have good shoes on.

Marnie, I didn't notice the leaf pattern. I'll check, maybe today. I was planning on going over and doing some invasive pruning, if the workmen I have around here leave in time.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oh I love a walk like that....stopping to admire the wildlife, nature and plants. What treasures you discovered!

I've been so busy horseback riding and working with my horse that I've not done any hiking for a few months. Of course, our trails are not anywhere as green and full of pretty flowers like yours, but it's still wonderful to be out in nature, isn't it?

Thanks for sharing your nature walk with us.


~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Your walks are helping me to identify some of the things I have growing around me too, but have no idea what they are--I thought I needed to get a book, but I have you which is much better! :-))

AJ-OAKS said...

Thanks for another lovely walk.
Love that old smokehouse. If it could talk can you imagine all the stories it could tell?!
And the birds nest is very cool. :)
Looking forward to the next walk.

Sharon said...

Nice walk! I have seen milkweed in bloom, but never paid any attention to it - amazing how beautiful and intricate it is!

Butter and Egg? Shows what I know, I thought they looked like snap dragons. Really a pretty flower!

We have more grass pollen too, ugh!

Terry said...

Thanks, Louise. I really needed a walk in the woods.