Sunday, June 20, 2010

Out of My Rear Window 6/20/10 (and Other Views)

Early summer, and, when I got up, it was already 72 degrees. That's just about perfect. Now, if only we don't get the humidity that we had yesterday.

John, from Going Gently, wanted to know more about where I live. So, I'm adding a few pictures of the outside of my house. I hope you're not disappointed, John. My family has lived here for three generations, but, we're just ordinary folks, no big fancy place, this. Just an old farmhouse for people who are definitely not "lace curtain Irish."

This is my favorite view of the house. The big tree in front is a linden. Right now, it is in full bloom, and the scent is heavenly.

And, a few other random pictures.

The other side of the house.

Looking towards the back. Peaceful.

Looking towards the front. Not so peaceful. That's a very busy road.

The garage that my Grandfather and Father built for their first car, a Model A. I now have to measure any new car I get, to make sure that it will fit in the garage. From the green door back is a partitioned off shed that my Father added on. Potential chicken house some day.

A view from the very back end of the property. When you're back there, you hardly know that there is anything else nearby. It's critter heaven.

So, that's it. I love the place, and have been very happy here, my entire life. I'm a very settled kind of person, and really have no desire to move elsewhere. Oh, I do dream every once in a while, and wonder what it would be like to live in another place, but I come to my senses eventually and realize that this is home, and will always be.

I was just thinking. People talk about the "heart" of the home. For me, that heart is the outside. Yard, garden and critters are what make this place so special to me. It's there that I get my feeling of continuity and where I can almost see my Parents and Grandparents working and playing, long before I was born. It's special to me to know that, before that linden tree was there, there were two huge Bartlett pear trees. And, it's special to know that every fall, Mom had to go out every morning and pick up pears, because if she didn't she had a lot of huge, drunken bees out there, schnookered on the fermenting pear juice.

The inside, well, that's where I sleep, watch tv and play on the computer. And, of course, it's where the cats are. But, give me a choice between a cat and a pristine piece of furniture, and I'll take the cat, every time.


Sharon said...

Louise, your home is so lovely! I love it's country charm, and the spacious grounds. It must be really great to live where there are generations of fine memories! I hope you are having a lovely Sunday and it didn't get so humid on you.

John Gray said...

I love american houses that have the wooden wall cover ( what is that called?)
absolutely the quintsential US house
many thanks

Terry said...

Your home is lovely. How special to have roots, and to live where your family has lived for generations.

Louise said...

Siding, John. But, ours is aluminum. Dad got tired of painting the wood every few years.

Cat said...

I think this was a wonderful "tour". I had to laugh, you mentioned the bit about the Model A, Mom and Dad's first house had a garage for a Model A as well, and Dad saw these deep grooves, couldn't figure out what they were for. Turns out, the old man that had the T would drive the wheels into the grooves so he wouldn't run into the sides of the walls of the garage.

You have a very nice place, by the way.


Tina said...

Looks like a great big yard to me. So nice and tidy too.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tour of your pretty property. How cool that it has been in the family for several generations!