Monday, June 14, 2010

Orange Trail

Friday was the orange trail again, and, once again accessed by the Blue Trail. The best shot of the day was my very first shot. I saw a little bird, flitting in the trees. So, I increased the magnification on my camera as far as it would go and started shooting. This is what I got. It's a Yellow Warbler.

I was a little earlier than usual, and I finally got a picture of a yellow Goatsbeard flower, almost all the way open still.

I also found lots of Deptford Pinks this time, some in the sun. Here you can see how vibrant a pink these little flowers really are.

Marnie was right about this plant being a Butterfly Weed. It's almost ready to bloom. I noticed lots of them this time. When they do bloom, they ought to be some sight.

The plant in this picture with the palm shaped leaves is a wild lupine. It doesn't look like it's going to bloom this year. Maybe next year.

Narrow leaved Hawksbeard - ID thanks to Upupaepops and Wiseacre

Mouse Ear

Nightshade - Typical of this plant there are both flowers and berries on the same bush. Dad taught me that this was "Deadly Nightshade" and the berries are poisonous.

Here's the mystery flower for the day. I'm still working on this one. It looks like it's in the black-eyed susan family, but the leaves aren't right. I'll keep trying, but, of course, wouldn't mind help.

Another bird! These pictures aren't as good and I'm not at all sure of my identification, but it could be a Common Yellowthroat.

This is just a picture that I took to emphasize the difference between the floor of the big woods, and the floor of this second growth woods. There's a lot more greenery on the floor of the second growth woods.

There were Ruffed Grouse in this thicket. I could hear them. I stood as still as I could for a long time, hoping that they would come out, but, they never did.

And, last, I'll leave you with this little video showing a Crow being attacked by a couple of Baltimore Orioles. I hope it comes out big enough so that you can see something.

Well, Blogger is being a pain and telling me that there is an error and I should try again later. So, I will.


Roses and Lilacs said...

Hi Louise. You weren't wrong about the dianthus. Sweet William is one cultivar of that group--Dianthus barbatus. I have a 'thing' for the old fashioned names. I hate botanical names and avoid them if possible. Doesn't Sweet William sound more romantic:)

Your mystery plant looks like Gaillardia (common name Blanketflower). It has been hybridized a lot and makes a good garden plant because it blooms all season. I've heard the name comes for the patterns American Indians used in making blankets.

Looks like you have some good birding in your area. I had a strange bird gardening with me last weekend. I'll post a photo Thursday.

Tina said...

I just love walking in the woods.....makes me feel like a kid again. Every weekend we would go for a hike in the woods as family. I just loved it, so much to explore and find.

Terry said...

That's such a nice photo of the warbler. I love the way the sun is shining through the leaves. We have lupines blooming in our horse pasture. At least I hope we still do - we had hail today.

Sharon said...

Nice walk in the woods! Those ruffed grouse can out wait you! LOL! They knew you were there too, may have youngsters.
Pretty warbler!

Canyon Girl said...

Thank you for taking us along with you on these wonderful walks. And how I admire you for learning so much about all the plants you encounter.--Inger