Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What I Got at the Antique Store

Well, when I went to the antique store yesterday, I did some browsing. I'm pretty immune to stuff like that, having lived in a house that my Grandfather bought back in the 1920's all of my life. We're shanty Irish, so there's nothing really valuable, but, I've lived with "old stuff" forever. Generally, I don't want, or need, more.

I almost got out of there without buying anything. But then, up on a shelf, I saw these plates. They were collector's plates, and were of famous race horses.

I have been horse crazy all of my life. For a large portion of my adult life, I have owned horses. Now, I volunteer for the Finger Lakes Thoroughbred Adoption Program. There is something about a good horse that satisfies my soul.

So, when I saw these plates, I couldn't resist. I ended up buying two of them.


And, one of the horse who was my most absolute hero all during the time I was growing up -- the great Man O' War, with his groom Will Harbut, who was a big part of his legend.

I didn't get any deal. I checked Ebay and I paid the going rate for them. I don't care, I just love these things and am very happy.

Now the big question. They had four more plates. Alysheba, Genuine Risk, Ladies Secret and one more that I can't remember. I have been coveting all night, and am still coveting this morning. Do I go back and get them? The horse, though famous, aren't well known to anyone outside of us horse crazy freaks. But, they sure are beautiful plates.


Upupaepops said...

I will not aide and abet.

chestnut horses, sigh

IsobelleGoLightly said...

Can I have a goatie plate made for ME? It would be priceless!!!! hee hee I'd say that if you'd enjoy the others that you deserve a nice treat! Go get 'em!

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Go for it...!!!

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

you'll cherish those, hope you have a spoecial place to hang them. Would be nice to have all 6 but depends on the $$$ I suppose. They sure would make good conversation pieces. My husband and his Dad could talk about those horses all day.

Canyon Girl said...

I just spent a day in Exeter, CA, a little town with fabulous murals that I plan to blog about soon. Our mountain town here has a lot of murals too. It really makes it unique and fun. Oh, yes, of course you should go back and buy those plates.

Louise said...

Well, I took these two plates, and an old CW Anderson print of Man O' War that I had over to be framed. Let's just say that, after that, I won't be buying any more plates. It's for the best. These two horses have a special place in my heart. The others don't, and I just would have been buying them because they were beautiful plates.

It's always better to be surrounded by a few things that you love, than a lot of things that are just more "stuff."