Monday, March 8, 2010

More Spring Signs

Yesterday was one of a string of clear, bright and warmer days that we have been seeing lately. We'll get more snow, but, this is a welcome break. I saw a couple more signs of Spring, even though they weren't the most glamorous things to see. Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera with me, so we'll have to rely on stock pictures.

First of all, the Turkey Buzzards are back. As soon as I went out of the door, I saw them floating up there in the sky. Up close, they are uuuuuugly, but they certainly are magnificent at catching the wind currents.

The second sign of Spring that I saw yesterday was a motorcycle, whizzing by the house. Oh, not one of those beautiful Harleys, but one of those obnoxious little "Sport" motorcycles. Harley riders behave themselves, but the young kids who like to play "Rocket Man" drive me nuts. At least I won't have to be scared stiff on the way too and fro work any more. That crazy weaving in and out of cars used to make me crazy.

But, fate was saving the best sign for last. This morning, I looked out of my back window, and saw that the turkeys were out there. And "The Man" was in full display. He's not as stunning as Joanna's Franklin, but he's pretty magnificent all the same.

Look at me, girls!

Good Side

Other Good Side

And, going.

You'll notice that the girls don't seem too terribly interested in him. The corn and sunflower seeds on the ground are, apparently, much more enticing. And, yes, that is Mr. Smarty Pants Squirrel making his presence known in all of the turkey pictures.


Upupaepops said...

That is so typical. The girls act like they are at Nordstroms and totally ignore any male.

I went to a Sage Grouse lek once and the males display and display and the females just stroll up and down the path. Like they are not really interested in buying anything.

IsobelleGoLightly said...

Pretty, pretty turkeys! We see our wild friends out in the woods but only a whoosh and they are gone! My lady said she'd like to have a few turkey friends up at her house but with Sweet Sarah the Buffalo Gal coming to live here we have to wait on more big birdies! I don't like those nasty motorcycles either. They scare us!