Thursday, March 11, 2010

Lake Ontario

I'm drawn to water. I have a connection to it, far beyond any of the other forces of nature. It both excites me, and makes me feel more peaceful. So, since today is supposed to be one of the last sunny days that we are going to have for a while, I decided to go down and visit the force that is Lake Ontario.

The Great Lakes have a special magnificence. You cannot see from one shore to the other.

I went to a park, on the shores of the Lake. In the summer, it is full of people and laughter, but, now, it is quiet and deserted.

I was headed to a pier there, that juts out into the water.

The beach is very austere this time of year, but, as I looked back from the pier, I could see that some of the trees were freshening, getting some color to their branches.

It was the water that drew me out further on the pier, however.

The dirty ice slush, floating and shifting near the shore.

The even dirtier ice being undercut by the waves. It's hard to get a true perspective in this photo, but that piece jutting out is at least a foot above the water splashing below it.

The power of the waves against the pier.

I had dressed for the weather at my house, about 60 degrees F and quiet. At the shore, it was much colder and there was a strong breeze blowing off of the water. I was cold, but found it hard to leave. I think I'll be back, often.

Oh, I did find some green, in the form of some very pretty moss, up on the beach.

Some driftwood caught my eye.

And, some delicate leaves from last year, against the snow.

So much beauty, when you have the time to slow down and look for it.


Upupaepops said...

Oh that driftwood ohoto is NICE

I keep a collection of clothiing tidbits in my trunk. everything from hot to cold weather is covered, around here you might need it all in one day.

and socks, I hate having wet socks

1 a day for 365? Really? said...

Are you a Pisces Louise? I am, and feel the same draw of the water. Love these pix. One of my favorite vacations was on Wolf Island which is the largest of the Thousand Islands and sits at the mouth of Lake Ontario. It was heavenly.

IsobelleGoLightly said...

No swimming yet! It's very beautiful up there Auntie Louise! When I come up to visit I want to go to the beach and ride on the carousel!

Louise said...

How did you know my boots had a leak, Upupaepops? Extra clothing, and especially, socks, is a good idea. 1 a day, I'm close, an Aquarian, though that is an air sign.
And, Miss Isobelle, I can certainly see why the merry go round would attract you, with all of the lovely horses. But, the one at Sea Breeze doesn't have any beautiful goats on it.

John Gray said...

I am touched that I am being followed