Thursday, March 18, 2010

Another beautiful day

We're having an unusual run of nice weather. Right now, it's sunny, and 64. I have been out doing yard work all day. Of course, next week, it's supposed to go right back into the 30's. It's got the plants fooled, though.

Day Lilies - These are near the house, and sheltered from our prevailing west wind, so they always are up first. Still, they aren't an early bloomer.

Daffodils - Also against the house. They are the first ones to bloom and I can't wait. Sigh, that bed still has to be deleaved. Maybe tomorrow.

But, even back in the woods, the old fashioned daffys are coming up. They are a pretty double flower, and I have to get back there and dig them up. I have a feeling that they started from extra's my Grandmother threw away, and I want some back in the garden.

Pachysandra - the buds are starting to form already.

Even the moss is greening up. A lot of my "lawn" is really moss. That's fine with me. It stays green all summer, and it doesn't have to be mowed.

Back in the woods, I can see a little bit of green.

But, mostly, things are still brown and still.

I couldn't have picked a nicer few days to get my garage sided. I'm getting too old and fat to paint it every few years, so I decided to just side it, and be done with it. The back of the garage has a shed built on to it, separated by a wall. That shed is where I want to put my chicken coop.

Work in progress, showing the side that hasn't been done yet.

Other side. Almost finished and looking good.

Back side, facing the woods. Right behind that new door will be where I will put in my chicken coop. But, sigh, I have to talk to them about that door. They hung it crooked, and there is a big crack in the top, where the snow and the cold can come in. There's a concrete floor in there, though, so I don't think any critters will be getting in to steal the hens.

I had to clean out the shed, so that the guys could get in there and work. You wouldn't believe the crap I pulled out of there. It filled most of a dump truck. But, because I had to do that, I'm way ahead of schedule. I may, and it's only may, be able to get the chickens this year, instead of waiting until next.

Now tell me. My town, as I mentioned before, specifies that you have to have five acres and be a working farm. I have one acre, and six chickens do not a working farm make, so, I should get a variance. However, when I talked to the guy last year, he said that they have never given out one.

So, do I do the honest thing and attempt to get the variance, or do I become a scofflaw, and just get the chickens, hoping that no one ever sees them hidden in back and down a hill as they are?


IsobelleGoLightly said...

That garage looks very nice, Auntie Louise! Now, I'm all for following the law but in your case I'd get a few birdies (minimum of six to purchase in our State) and go at that. You have so many wild birds that it's silly that you can't keep some chickens!

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

yeah, the siding in the way to go.

I tell ya what, if a liitle, old broad just had 6 hens, and the Town officials wanted her to get rid of 'em, make sure the "enforcement" makes the front page of the local paper. I would think there would be much outcry from the community.

Upupaepops said...

get the hens from someone who will guarantee that you can return a rooster.

No one will know

Upupaepops said...

actuall thinking on that I am so surprised.

Seattle allows chicken ( I think the limit is either 3 or 6)cannot imagine why a more rural area needs restrictions

cock fighting noisy rooster

go for it you scofflaw you

Canyon Girl said...

I love daffodils, don't you! And look how much you have accomplished already. It seems to me that just six cickens, that wouldn't disturb anyone, would be OK. Maybe you should try for the variance this year and see what happens. If it doesn't get approved, you could smuggle some in next year after the powers to be in your town forget all about them

foundationmare said...

It's quite a lovely little shed and I think it needs some chickens to keep it company. I can see the necessity for a law that would preclude people from having an inappropriate number of fowl on limited acreage. They're probably directed at noise and odor. However, a few chickens in an area as open as you are in aren't going to wreak havoc!

I say: embrace our inner scofflaw! Get your chickens and tell not a soul in the town! I find it ironic that you have multitudes of water fowl in your environment but a few domestic chickens would be illegal because they're a nuisance!

Just watch out for those roosters: cock-a-doodle-doo is a tip off!