Friday, September 30, 2011

This and That - Gina Update

I have had a lot of deer visiting the feeder lately.  These two young bucks are fairly regular customers.
Handsome fellows, but, this little cutie takes the eye, every time.  I'm a little worried because it still looks so young.  Fingers crossed it makes it through the Winter.
Leon and Rachael are pals.  They play together, and, sometimes, they sleep together.  Gina and Becky hang out together, play together, and, once in a while, groom each other.  But, they are solitary sleepers.  Pity, because Leon and Rachael always look so cozy together.
And, here's a picture of Gina, back from the vet.  Aside from the shaved head and leg, I think she looks pretty good.  She's being her usually sweet self, so far, about taking her meds.  Becky, on the other hand, watched the first time, and now runs and hides, as soon as she sees the stuff come out. 
Laundry day today.  How exciting.



Louise -- Pets do cause concern for us once in a while. But, because the vet thinks she got it all -- I think your Gina will be fine. She looks marvelous in the photos. -- barbara

Sharon said...

Gina does look a little pathetic, poor dear! Hopefully when the meds are gone, Becky won't be so flighty.

Your deer are so sweet, winter could be rough on that little one, kind of late in the year for a Bambi, isn't it?

Laundry, what fun! I did some of that yesterday and more awaits, gee, I can hardly wait to get started again! (NOT)

TexWisGirl said...

oh, that tiny fawn is gorgeous!!! i hope it gets big and strong before winter snows and cold come!

Stella said...

Gina is such a beauty. We offer our very best wishes for a positive outcome for her. Do you call her a Tortoise shell, Calico, or what kind of kitty?

The Bambi baby is so lovely, too, they do grow quite fast though. I hope Bambi makes it!


Stella and her mom, Jo

Samantha said...

Not to add to your food bill, but our local wildlife guy mentioned mixing molasses in oats (or check out sweet feed) for the deer when it's bitter cold.

Gina does NOT look amused!
(heal heal heal kitty)

missing moments said...

Becky's no fool .. she's not hanging around for any of it! Love your kitties.

Judith said...

What beautiful visitors! Your back garden in an endless source of wonder.

Madi and Mom said...

Gina does look very regal today. I know she is glad to be home...give her a hug.

Oh how precious the baby deer is...hopefully his mom will find some very fattening food for him between now and the very cold weather.
Happy laundry day,
Hugs Madi and om

Cindi said...

all the animals look so cute!

Terry said...

I'm so glad Gina is home and doing well. She's a lovely girl.

KB said...

I'm glad that Gina is doing well and that the vet thinks that he got the whole thing. Fingers crossed for it to be benign.

The fawn does look young... You're helping him/her with those seeds!

IsobelleGoLightly said...

Such a young fawn for this time of year. Lovely deer.

Gina looks adorable and regal in her post-operative attire!

Sandra said...

So glad Gina is back home with you and the gang. She looks just wonderful. If I were Becky, I'd run, too:))

The Bambi baby is just so adorable... I hope she/he thrives!

willowhousechronicles said...

Oh, that baby! He does look young, still in his spots.

I hope Gina continues to improve and do well.