Monday, September 5, 2011


The wireless connection for my new computer works perfectly.  However, my virus protection (Kaspersky) is supposed to recognize three computers, and I can't get it to recognize my laptop.  Plus, I inadvertently activated Password Protection on my desktop computer, trying to get it to recognize the laptop, and now can't figure out how to turn it off.  Called Kaspersky support last night and was on the phone for over an hour with them, to no avail.  Of course, that could be because they're not even Kaspersky employees, but some contracted firm in, you guessed it, India.

Plus, I bought a backup drive while I was at it.  It was chugging along merrily, until it reached 26% copied, sometime last night.  Now, all of a sudden, it's telling me that I need to connect the storage device.  The darn thing IS connected.  It's got a green light on it, and everything.  I guess I'm going to have to pay someone to come in and get things straightened out.

I don't handle this type of frustration well, and have an almost insurmountable urge to throw something.

Well, here's some pretty pictures.  Maybe it will cheer me up, and at least give you something to look at.


willowhousechronicles said...

I feel your pain! Good luck!
Beautiful, bright blooms.

Sally said...

Computers are wonderful buttt...can be soooo frustrating.

Good luck!

TexWisGirl said...

i hate that angst and anger! :)

good luck, dearie. and thanks for the bright, cheery flowers!

Upupaepops said...

Yippee for bug photos!!!

Yes hire a Geek to come out and set it right.

Sharon said...

You know how well all things geek hate me, so I fully understand your frustration and angst!

I hate passwords, I can never remember which one goes to what!

Eventually it will be resolved or through the window! :-)

Dreaming said...

I feel your pain and frustration for I have lived it many times! I just spent countless hours on the phone with an unnamed Internet/email provider on behalf of my Dad. His email wouldn't work. It took 4 days of messing with them... and then they changed a setting at their end and it finally worked. Arggghhhhh!!! Oh, one of the
'technicians' I worked with was reading from the manual. She even said, 'Wait a minute, I lost my place!'
Good luck!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I put computer problems right up there with being overdrawn and car troubles--I have to admit that there was a time when I did throw something because I was truly at the end of my rope.....I hope it all gets figured out!! I do hope your day is an enjoyable one!!!

Tina said...

I swear they have a life of their own!

A Quiet Corner said...

Oh, Louise, I'm afraid I will be experiencing similar frustrations once I love up to CT. I am HOPING for wireless...anything has got to be an improvement over satellite!...:)JP

Judith said...

Ooh, I share you pain and frustration. I am putting off upgrading my computer because I know it's going to be a major PITA!

Vicki Lane said...

Pretty pics, indeed!

My husband is growling his way through some new computer problems just now...

Terry said...

Arg! I feel your pain.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Agh! Computer issues always stress me out. And computers don't seem to like change. Thankfully, I have teenage boys, and one of them is extra computer savvy and always seems to know what to do to fix any issues I'm having with my computer.

But you're right, those gorgeous blooms could cheer anyone up. :)

Hope you're able to get everything all straightened out.


Madi and Mom said...

Ahhhhh Geez we feel so much of your pain and frustration. Mom was on the with supposedly AT&T support Sunday 8/29 due to internet issues...she told Dad it was AT&T Mumbai. Bless your heart.
I hope you can get some help soon.
Thankfully we got our home phone service back on Sunday.

Your flowers are most beautiful.
Hugs Madi and Mom


Yes indeed Louise, those are sure beautiful photos!

GRRR to the Kapersky customer service people. Somehow it is just hard to connect with them as they are thinking and talking so differently. I'm sure they are smart and efficient but if we dare say a slang word it throws them for a loop.

I dread changing over computers -- I always have problems.

I think some high school guru geek could straighten out everything for you in no time flat.

-- barbara

WiseAcre said...

arrgh, just got a new laptop and Windows 7 does not support the legacy programs I can't do without. I'm fudging my way with a new HTML editor and image editor. Otherwise the computer is nice but I'm stuck in a 12 year old rut.

I see even your pretty pics has a fly in the ointment :)