Sunday, September 4, 2011

Out of My Rear Window 9-4-11

It's dark, and quiet, with the threat of thunderstorms and heavy rain this afternoon.  But, at least with those storms comes a promise of relief from the heat and humidity that we have suffered through the past couple of days.
The feeder was quiet early this morning, with only a squirrel and a few chipmunks grabbing breakfast.
Gradually, the place livened up, with this Mourning Dove making an appearance.
And, then, the English Sparrows (they're also called House Sparrows) and blackbirds showing up.  Oh, and lots and lots of chipmunks.

At least, the cats are awake today, so far.
Becky - with spooky eyes again because, if she's awake, she always has to be looking at Mom.
And, then, there's Leon.  Yup, sleeping again.  Eat, sleep and, occasionally, run around the house like a crazy thing, that's my Leon's life.
Big excitement this afternoon.  My next door neighbor is coming over to help me set up my new laptop and my wireless network.  My old tabletop computer is beginning to sputter a bit and I decided that I would just go ahead and get a laptop, so I'm not tied to one spot.  Then, when the old computer dies, the laptop will become my main computer. 

Have a very happy Sunday.


TexWisGirl said...

yay! love new technology!

and love those chippies!!! so darn cute!

rachael is SO beautiful! her profile in that pic is stunning! :)

Liesl said...

I love that pic of Leon cat sleeping! So cute..,and so are those chipmunks! Yay for you getting a laptop and wireless network!!!

sophie...^5 said...

You'll now be able to sit where you want to'll love it. Any wireless hiccups...we had them...we just pulled the connection out of wireless box to reboot. It went on for a while like months but then all of the sudden stopped and we haven't had a problem since. Ask if you run into anything annoying like....!

Sharon said...

The back yard has turned into Grand Central Station! Don't the chipmunks look fat and sassy!!!

The cats look pretty darn comfortable! Not much going on, on a drippy day, huh? Leo sure does look comfortable. :-)

You are going to love your laptop, I still have my old desk top, but only use it for games.

Yay! for some rain! So far, we have just had a very light drizzle,
Supposed to get some real rain tonight. Sure do hope so, some of my trees are dieing.

Have fun with the new toys!

Judith said...

Lovely photos Louise. Beautiful cats! As we are warming up and moving into Spring on this side of the world, you are cooling down which must be a relief.

Good luck with the laptop, I want one too but it will have to wait for a while until I have saved a bit of money, So my old desktop is going to have to hang in there a bit longer.

Madi and Mom said...

Hi all what great pictures of the critter buffet you have outside and everyone gets along.

Becky,Rachel and Gina are asbolutely beautiful and Leon is quite a handsome ginger boy.

Mom is thinking hard about a yaptop too....good luck getting it set up.
Hugs madi

IsobelleGoLightly said...

There is a line of great big boomer thunderstorms headed your way along the lake, Auntie Louise! They are out over the lake too and marine warnings are issued.

Gary said...

Great post!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

KB said...

I love seeing the flurry of activity under your feeders. Ours looks something like that but I just realized that our ground squirrels have only a couple of weeks before they go to sleep for the winter. Imagine that!

I love seeing your gorgeous kitties! They look so healthy and content.

Also, I enjoyed your post about the "Big Tom" being the "Master of Universe". Ha!

willowhousechronicles said...

Your cats are all beauties, but I love faithful Becky, keeping an eye on you!

Hope your new laptop is up and running with a minimum of bugs and hassles!

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Your feeder pics are great, you have a lot of traffic there! We got heavy rains yesterday and it was hot and humid until today! Only 70 and sunny today, awesome, hope it comes your way. Your kitties pics are wonderful! You will love the wireless network.

Terry said...

You have the prettiest kitties! How is Ms. Becky feeling?
You'll love a laptop.

Dreaming said...

Cats are so much fun to watch. They have such wonderful personalities.
I can't believe how many chipmunks are at the feeder at one time. What's the record?


Nice that you have a neighbor who can help you set up your new laptop. I use a dell laptop and love it. the next computer I get, if I need one, will be a notebook. Take lots of notes -- barbara

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I only use my laptop because I like to read and type in the comfort of my bed. My sons are wanting to "upgrade" to desktops because they tell me that desktops are more powerful for all their video games and online stuff they do. Each to their own I say. lol!

I just love your cats. Do they enjoy looking out the windows at all the activity outside? Boy! Those chipmunks sure have stuffed their cheeks full. I'm surprised that they just don't topple over onto their heads with that extra weight up front. lol!