Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Early Summer on the Orange Trail

I haven't been walking.  And, both physically and mentally, I can feel the difference.  So, yesterday, I started up again.  I walked the Orange Trail because it's an easy trail.  And, I made all 1.7 miles of it.  But, boy, did it take me a long time, with lots of rest stops.  That will improve, in time.  And, I did enjoy every step along the path, seeing the familiar sights along the way.

The trail starts out in the woods.  It was a sunny day, and the sun filtered through the leaves, making very peaceful scenes, including the first, where the floor of the glade is covered with ferns.

Deep in the woods, a Robin found a tasty treat.
 As the woods started to thin, this small meadow gleamed in the afternoon sun.  Wild roses edged it with white.
Along the trail, the Christmas Fern raised their fronds.  The undersides of their fronds are almost totally covered with spores.  I'm not 100% sure that I have these named correctly.  Ferns are hard.  But, it's the only one I could find with the correct spore pattern.

While, along the lighter parts of the trail, Herb Robert blossoms.  It's a pretty invader.
And, everywhere, the Wild Rose blooms.  The air was filled with its fragrance.  Most of the flowers are white, but, every now and then, you'll see a bush where some are colored a pale pink.   For all its beauty, it's a virulent invader, choking out native plants and making large areas impassible.
Once you're through the woods, you come to the Great Meadow.  The entrance is like a gateway to another world.
Here, the Turkey Vulture soars.
And, high in a dead tree, a Red-winged Blackbird sings his heart out, proclaiming his territory.
But, of course, what characterizes the Meadow is the flowers.
I don't think I ever saw the Common Milkweed flowers when they were just budding last year.
 And, I'm glad I haven't missed the Butterfly Weed.  It's late this year, just budding and getting ready to bloom.
Other flowers are in the height of their bloom.  This Blackberry blossom was in a shaded spot, and, so, behind most of its relatives, which have already set their berries.
Bladder Campion
Deptford Pink.  I despair of ever taking a decent picture of this flower.  My camera just can't seem to catch the delicate beauty of its interior, or capture exactly the right color of its brilliant pink.
Cow Vetch
Ox-eyed Daisy
Red Clover
And, everywhere, Yarrow
Then, out of the Meadow and into a few more scrub woods, before I hit the connecting trail for home.  There, I found one last treasure.  Red Osier Dogwood blossoms.  They're not as showy as the Dogwood we grow in our yards, but they have a delicate beauty all their own.  They're almost done, so I'm glad I caught the last few blooms.
It was good to be back on the trails again.  I can show you the pictures, but I can't take pictures of the sounds of all the birds, that I tried to photograph in vain.  I can't take pictures of the smells of flowers and green growing things, or the way the sun beats down on you, warming the last of Winter's cold away.  I've missed this.


Gary said...

Great walk. To preserve colour especially the pinks and I use the exposure compensator on the camera going as dark as I can. Then bring it up in PSE. Don't know if that helps you. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

Upupaepops said...

I have missed your meadow walks as well. Happy Summer Louise, I hope there are many more walks to come

Janet said...

Enjoyed sharing your walk- thank you ! A couple of summers ago ,my husband and I bought a book of wildflowers so we could identify them on our evening stroll around the locality-we have spent many a happy hour testing out our new found knowledge-you are right though nothing beats feeling the sun on your face and hearing sounds of the countryside,

Vicki Lane said...

Beautiful pictures, Louise! Thanks for taking us on your walk!

Anonymous said...

First day of summer! Thanks for sharing your walk.

Louise said...

Gary, thanks, but I think what I need to do is to take a camera course. I get confused by all the bells and whistles on this camera, and tend to take all of my pictures in Auto or Macro. I've tried reading the manual, but I'm a learn by doing type of person and can't get through the instructions.

Upupaepops, it's good to be a functioning human being again.

Janet, I take the pictures, then hurry home to my identification books. One of my "I wants" is a backpack, so that I can carry a couple of the books right along with me.

Vicki, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

barefootheart, you're right, this is the first day of Summer. We need to enjoy every minute.

texwisgirl said...

hurray!!! you're back in the woods and trails!!! i feel refreshed along with you! :)

Madi and Mom said...

WOW what wonderful pictures and what a beautiful green trail. I wish I could walk it with you. It is so hot here we are taking our walks inside a local mega mall every morning at about 8 am. I'd rather be outside.

Now we know what that birdbath was on sale at Lowe's. LOL One day I looked out to find it on the ground. After examining it I saw that the clear section was only attached in the black cap by what looked like duct tape. I'm surprised it held together as long as it did. I hope your birds and chipmunks like it as much as mine.
Madi and Mom

Madi and Mom said...

What a beautiful green trail with gorgeous flowers. I wish I were there to take a walk with you. It is so hot here we are walking at our local indoor mega mall each morning.

Now we know why that birdbath was on sale at Lowe's LOL. I looke dout on morning to find the base on the ground. The only thing hanging was the black cap. After closer investigation, I saw the clear portion was only attached to the cap portion with what looked like duct tap. I hope your 'munks like it as much as mine.
Hugs Madi and Mom

Jj Rodriguez said...

walking with make you fit...

and add to that, what nature had given you - beauty and happiness...


KB said...

I didn't know that the rust-colored stuff on the underneath of fern fronds was spores! Thanks for that tidbit!

What beautiful flowers. I love yarrow but ours is still a month away. It's a late summer flower here.

It must have felt great to get out walking again after a break!

Terry said...

Thank you for sharing your walk. It's so nice to see the plants I can't see here.

Dar said...

What a beautiful trail you have to walk. I love the canopy above of shade trees and easy walking because of no underbrush. Lucky you to see and hear such beauty of our nature.
I love the Deptford Pinks, having some by my mailbox each summer. They are so tiny but gorgeous. Call the Redwings and they will answer you. They have an easy call to replicate.