Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Winter Walking Place

I think I have found the place where I can walk for at least most of the time in the Winter.  I was concerned about walking most of the trails that I have been walking, because they are isolated, and the hills and valleys that the trails cross would make good places to slip and fall.

So, yesterday, I explored North Ponds Park.  I think it will be ideal.  It is outdoors, and I can't stand the thought of walking in circles indoors.  But, the path is asphalt and the ground is level.

There are plenty of other people on the path, though it isn't overcrowded.  I think that, in the Winter, it will be even less crowded, but that there will be enough people around so that someone would find me if something happened.

Pretty and there's another walker, way off on the other side.

There is pretty scenery, that I think will be quite lovely, though a bit stark, in the snow.

One thing that might be fun to try are these fitness stations all along the trail.  What a great way to get a little upper body exercise, along with the walking.

But, yesterday, the main attraction had to be the hundreds of Canada Geese who have, temporarily, taken up residence on the main pond.  I hope that they're resting, and not planning on staying for the Winter, because I'm pretty sure that these ponds freeze over.  A few gulls have found safe haven there, also.

I know that there are several sub-species of Canada Geese.  These seem to be a different type from the geese who occasionally visit my feeders.  They seem smaller, with shorter necks and a slightly different shaped head.

Pretty things, aren't they?  Their feathers are so crisp looking and well -defined.  But, I'm very glad that they're choosing to poop here, rather than on my lawn.


texwisgirl said...

LOL! SO true! Geese are really mess-makers!

They're just beautiful, tho. Glad you found a safe place to walk. :)

Vicki Lane said...

Looks like a great spot for a walk!

Liesl said...

Oh Louise, you are so blessed to have found that place for walks...it is safe and the going is easy,not to mention the scenery and birds! Have a blast!

Madi and Mom said...

Oh my mom is so green with envy over you lovely green way!!! You will definitely enjoy it during the slippery season....and oh so much wildlife and
2 and 4 leggers each day,
Madi and Mom

Judith said...

That looks like an excellent place to walk. Even better if you can walk to the park and not have to drive there. Great scenery, and lovely pics as ever.

Woodswalker said...

Here's the solution to fear of falling in winter: Snowshoes! Strap those on your feet and you can go anywhere there's enough snow, including places you couldn't get to in other seasons, like frozen marshes and woods with brushy undergrowth that will be covered with deep snow. It's great fun to follow animal tracks way back into the woods. You won't get lost because you just follow your own tracks home, and modern snowshoes have grippers on the bottom that keep you from slipping on ice and allow you to climb right up steep slopes. (Carry a cellphone, too, just in case.) Ever since I got my first pair, I can't wait for snow. Great exercise, too.

But your park is lovely too. Beautiful photos!

Janet said...

What a wonderful place to walk-glad you have found it !Not sure I like the idea of those work stations but I guess you can give it a go without fear of anyone watching you !

Canyon Girl said...

What a wonderful place for walking. I have the same concerns about hiking in the hills here. My neighbor wants me to get one of those horns so he can find me if something happens. Maybe a good idea. I have never seen those exercise stations before. What a good idea! Have fun!--Inger

Terry said...

I;m so glad you found a great place for winter walks. It's really pretty, and I'm looking forward to lots of pictures.

Sandra said...

I wish we had a park like that here... heck, even if it was the half of it! I am sure you'll enjoy the walks and I am looking forward to seeing it change throuhg the following months.