Sunday, August 7, 2011

Out of My Rear Window 8-7-11

It's not all that hot, but the humidity is sky high.  The weatherman says that it's going to be a very uncomfortable day.  So, I'll stay inside and watch the world through my window.

As you can see, the Turkey Ladies dined early.  They managed to behave themselves fairly well, and the sprinkler running off to the side didn't seem to bother them at all.
Mr. Tom dined alone, later.  He sure is a magnificent bird.
A young Cardinal and a Goldfinch shared a table for a while, but, after the Goldfinch left, the youngster got a little indignant that I was acting like a paparazzi.  This year's batch of young Cardinals seems to be a lot bolder than their parents and grandparents.  It will be interesting to see if they remain so as they mature.

One of the Blue Jays stopped by to supervise mealtime.
After a leisurely meal, Mr. Tom strolled off.
The House Finches showed up for a quick bite.
While another young Cardinal kept a leary eye on me.
Meanwhile, the Mammalian population was busy below.  Little Chippy managed to gather quite a full pouchful of sunflower seeds.

 And, a pair of Grey Squirrels peacefully snacked on some themselves.

I hope that you all have as enjoyable a Sunday as the critters at my feeder seem to be having.


TexWisGirl said...

such great photos out your window! LOVE mr. handsome tom! and of course the ever-present squirrels! and those balloon cheeks of the chippy... PRECIOUS!

Sharon said...

I really love your view! I wish I had a place like that again! Your squirrels are getting kind of chubby! The chipmunk looks like it's saving up for a whole brood, in it's cheeks! It's so sweet and peaceful looking in your back yard, wish I could come and visit. At least I have the view! Have a lovely Sunday.

Janet said...

Its a very busy intersection -your bird feeding station-word has certainly got round -love those little finches they are so pretty ! have a brilliant Sunday.

Sally said...

You have such happy friends visiting you.

Madi and Mom said...

Mr. Chippy has a bad case of the mumps!!!What a great picture.
I agree Mr. Tom is a handsome turkey.

Oh boy we have the hots and the humidity here. It is 95 with about 80% humidity....we're staying inside too.
Hugs Madi and Mom

Vicki Lane said...

Great captures! Our turkeys have been shy this year and don't come very near the house, alas!

Terry said...

Now I know where the expression "stuff your face" comes from.
Mr. Tom is gorgeous. There are wild turkeys about 10 miles from us, but they are really skittish.

missing moments said...

What a busy day outside your window! Love those chipmunk cheeks!!!
Great photos Louise!

willowhousechronicles said...

They're a colourful cast of characters. So nice that on these hot days, you can relax and have the entertainment come to you!

Dreaming said...

Chippy looks like he is about to burst!
Your pictures make your back yard look idyllic. I could enjoy sitting there - well, maybe now with the high humidity... oh, and maybe there might be bugs. OK, I'll enjoy it from here. Thanks for giving me a window on your world!

Gary said...

Despite the heat, it was really active. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

Leontien said...

Mr Tom is very big! and i love to see your critters every time!

Hope the weather wasn't too bad! We had some rain yesterday wich was a real blessing!