Saturday, August 6, 2011

Mourning Dove, and, a Culprit Caught

My garage is old.  My Grandfather and my Dad built it back in the day, for a Model A Ford.  These days, I have to be careful about what kind of vehicle I buy.  It can't be too long, or it won't fit in the garage.

Anyways, sturdy as it is, it's sagging a little in the middle.  This means that, try as they did, the guys who put the gutters up a couple of years ago, couldn't get them to drain completely.  That sag in the middle stops the water from flowing every time.

This Mourning Dove, in spite of having three separate spots in my yard whereshe can get nice, fresh water, always seems to prefer the yucky old stuff that pools in the gutters.

After her drink, she took a leisurely stroll up to the ridgepole, to enjoy a little bit of sun.

Those of you who guessed that a chipmunk was the one leaving the neat pile of pine cone husks on the stone wall were correct.  Here's the culprit in the act.

He has his little cheeks full of pine seeds (are those and pine nuts the same thing, I wonder?)


TexWisGirl said...

so cute! those cheeks are precious!

Liesl said...

I love those chipmunks. I am sure pine nuts and pine seeds are the same thing....??

Sharon said...

Some beings like routine! Odd bath, but who am I to judge?

That chipmunk looks quite content there, nothing like being neat! Very nice capture!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I love those little chipmunks--I had to grin when I saw one at Wegmans yesterday. I guess they love them too! :-)))

Madi and Mom said...

Hey hey hey...we missed you terribly but we are back.
What a great post w/pics on Fri and Sat.

Hugs and happy Sat. afternoon,
Madi and Mom

Terry said...

Maybe the dove feels safer far from the madding crowd of wildlife.

chookgoesbokk said...

my outdoor kitty bubbles prefers the nasty water that gathers in a depression near my driveway to the fresh cold water in his dish. it must be a taste thing. maybe it's not properly aged, lol.

i've noticed a mourning dove calling in my neighborhood for the last week or so. magic.

Samantha said...

I shake my head every time I see birds bypassing clean, fresh water in their bath and drinking scummy puddle water!

Yep, pine nuts are pine seeds! Only about 20 species of pines have seeds worth people-harvest, but the chippies don't care what size they are :)

Upupaepops said...

Some of the larger cones produce seeds that are HUGE! I have never been brave enough to dry and toast them.