Thursday, February 3, 2011

Odds and Ends

No theme to today's entry, just a bunch of pictures I have taken over the last 24 hours.

Take Off
Bright sunshiny day
Where's the clean up crew?
 Up a tree.

Blue skies
Clean up done.
I'm thinking of heading over to the Thousand Acre Swamp today.  I'm hoping that there will have been some skiers and snowshoers who will have gone before me and tromped down a path.  I ordered a trail camera yesterday, snowshoes are next on the list.


Sharon said...

Nice Winter Pics! All clean, white snow! Yep, snowshoes would be a good idea for the trails and the non-trails! Take a whistle!

Sheri said...

Good work on the clean up! Certainly looks like snowshoes would be handy.
I am envious of your ducks.

Madi and Mom said...

Yay for blue skies!!! Now for the temp to warm up enough to melt that stuff. You did a good job of clearing out around the feeders.

Thanks for asking about Mom...her body is 100% her tummy is about 95%...but she is getting there.
Currently her meals are consisting of cheese things that is what appeals to her taste buds.
Today she had mac and cheese.
Hugs Madi

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Great pictures Louise!! I really enjoy your duck photos, and I hope you have an enjoyable day!! ~Stay warm!!!~

Judith said...

Lovely pics! So crisp and clean. Cools me as I sit here sweltering in summer heat and humidity!

texwisgirl said...

I love all the visitors to your feeders almost as much as you do... But lucky for me, I don't have to shovel them out!

Upupaepops said...

you will love snowshoes. they are so low profile now. Need poles with them. They make poles that telescope and have removable baskets on the bottom so you can use them as summer walking poles too

Anonymous said...

Cool pictures! We seem to have about the same amount of snow ... it just looks more where they have shoveled so it's in big piles.

That's a lot of ducks!

What's a trail camera?

Dawn said...

Hi! Came through Texwisgirls' site....
Love that 1st capture!!!!
And of course that blue is quite beautiful!!!

Dreaming said...

A sunny day?! Hallelujah!
I love the ducks!

KB said...

It looks beautiful there. I love the takeoff photo, with some of the ducks going so fast that they're a blur.

I'm excited about your trail camera! Thanks so much for mentioning that you'd learned about them from me. They have great customer support if you run into any difficulties setting it up.

I hope that you had a good hike.

Terry said...

"Take Off" indeed! And what a beautiful blue sky you had.

sophie...^5 said...

Trail cameras are becoming popular I see...excellent...maybe the next purchase. Great pics Louise!

wiseacre said...

goodness gracious the feed store must love you more than the ducks do.

I'm hoping by tomorrow there's a trail broken at my favorite wild river area. It's time to get my annual winter photos of Stone Valley