Sunday, October 10, 2010

Out of My Rear Window 10/10/10

It's 37 F here this morning, but a bright, clear day is beginning.  I bet there was some frost south of here.  It is supposed to warm up rapidly, and I want to get the infamous "pot garden" emptied today.

And, just because I had to share.  These are two kittens whose picture I took at the track yesterday.  They were obviously loving the warm sun shining on them.  They are very lucky kitties.  Their trainer is a sucker for cats, and these two will go home with her for the winter.  Who could ask for anything more than a nice warm house in the Winter and the freedom to do anything they please during the rest of the year?


Canyon Girl said...

First: I love the flowers in the header photo. Gorgeous! Second: I spot some fallen leaves on your lawn. It was 37 F here too this morning. Third: Those cats are so lovely. Oh, how I miss my kitties. Have a nice day!--Inger

IsobelleGoLightly said...

There was frost down here this morning! On the barn roof and in the pasture. My lady had to fix the fence again. on the wrong side of it again yesterday. Ooops. Tee hee.

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Your header photo is awesome !
We have leaves changing here in Tennessee, the lack of rain will more than likely make them all fall off the trees more quickly, since they are already doing so.
What lucky kitties, they will live the Life of Riley I'm sure >^..^<

Sharon said...

Good Sunday Morning! A bit coolish here this morning too, but not by a whole bunch, the house temp only made it to 70, it was hot in here last night and guess it retained the heat. Having another warm spell (they don't consider it "HOT" until it's over 90 - we had 88) They say another cold front is on the way - we are in the Autumn roller coaster time, as far as temperatures go.

Sweet kitties, catching some rays, they look quite content.

Have a great day!

Judith said...

I love your new header. I am nuts about that particular shade of blue.

Gorgeous kitties!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Hi Louise! I love the header photo too! The cats are really cute, I'd be bringing them home too! We're cooler in the morning and are in the 80's today--I've decided that I don't mind the cooler weather, it keeps the #$@&* stink bugs from flying around. :-)

THANK YOU also for your very kind comments on our loss of Sam--I know it was his time, but it was still hard letting him go.

Terry said...

I'm yet another one who loves the new header. It's cool here this evening - I have the horses in light blankets for the first time.

Tina said...

Cats are just the best.... I love mine... all five of